Seton Hall Pirates women's basketball

The Seton Hall Pirates women's basketball team represents Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, United States. The school's team currently competes in the Big East where it has competed since the 1982–83 season.[2] Under coach Sue Dilley, the women’s basketball team began competing in 1973-74, obtaining a 9-4 record and its first winning season.[2] The Pirates are currently coached by Anthony Bozzella.

Seton Hall Pirates
2018–19 Seton Hall Pirates women's basketball team
UniversitySeton Hall University
Head coachAnthony Bozzella (5th season)
ConferenceBig East
LocationSouth Orange, New Jersey
ArenaWalsh Gymnasium
(Capacity: 1,655)
ColorsBlue and White[1]
NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen
NCAA Tournament Second round
1994, 1995
NCAA Tournament Appearances
1994, 1995, 2015, 2016
AIAW Tournament Elite Eight
Division II
AIAW Tournament Appearances
Division II
1975, 1976, 1978, 1979
Conference Regular Season Champions
1996, 2015

Yearly records

Season Coach Overall Conference Standing Postseason
Sue Dilley (1973–1985)
1973–74 Sue Dilley 9–4
1974–75 Sue Dilley 13–5AIAW-Small College 1st Round
1975–76 Sue Dilley 14–8AIAW-Small College 1st Round
1976–77 Sue Dilley 12–10
1977–78 Sue Dilley 21–8AIAW-Small College 1st Round
1978–79 Sue Dilley 26–8AIAW-Small College Quarterfinals
1979–80 Sue Dilley 21–7AIAW
1980–81 Sue Dilley 25–5AIAW
1981–82 Sue Dilley 18–12AIAW
Big East Conference (1982–present)
1982–83 Sue Dilley 11–163–5T-6th
1983–84 Sue Dilley 17–135–3T-3rd
1984–85 Sue Dilley 4–252–149th
Sue Dilley: 191–121 (.612)10–22 (.313)
Phyllis Mangina (1985–2010)
1985–86 Phyllis Mangina 5–232–149th
1986–87 Phyllis Mangina 12–173–138th
1987–88 Phyllis Mangina 10–194–128th
1988–89 Phyllis Mangina 18–109–74th
1989–90 Phyllis Mangina 21–711–53rd
1990–91 Phyllis Mangina 18–117–95th
1991–92 Phyllis Mangina 14–155–13T-8th
1992–93 Phyllis Mangina 14–138–10
1993–94 Phyllis Mangina 27–516–22ndNCAA Sweet Sixteen
1994–95 Phyllis Mangina 24–912–63rdNCAA Round of 32
1995–96 Phyllis Mangina 16–139–9T-4th (T-1st BE7)
1996–97 Phyllis Mangina 10–177–1110th (5th BE7)
1997–98 Phyllis Mangina 8–196–12T-9th (T-4th BE7)
1998–99 Phyllis Mangina 6–213–15T-12th
1999–00 Phyllis Mangina 11–165–11T-9th
2000–01 Phyllis Mangina 16–129–76th
2001–02 Phyllis Mangina 15–146–10T-9th
2002–03 Phyllis Mangina 14–157–98thWNIT 1st Round
2003–04 Phyllis Mangina 15–156–1010thWNIT Round of 16
2004–05 Phyllis Mangina 14–146–109th
2005–06 Phyllis Mangina 6–213–13T-13th
2006–07 Phyllis Mangina 19–129–7T-8thWNIT 1st Round
2007–08 Phyllis Mangina 13–153–13T-14th
2008–09 Phyllis Mangina 17–144–12T-13th
2009–10 Phyllis Mangina 9–211–1516th
Phyllis Mangina: 352–368 (.489)161–255 (.387)
Anne Donovan (2010–2013)
2010–11 Anne Donovan 8–221–1516th
2011–12 Anne Donovan 8–231–1515th
2012–13 Anne Donovan 11–205–11T-11th
Anne Donovan: 27–65 (.293)7–41 (.146)
Anthony Bozzella (2013–present)
2013–14 Anthony Bozzella 20–148–107thWNIT 3rd Round
2014–15 Anthony Bozzella 28-615–3T-1stNCAA Round of 64
2015–16 Anthony Bozzella 23–912–6T-2ndNCAA Round of 64
2016–17 Anthony Bozzella 12-194–14T-7th
2017–18 Anthony Bozzella 16-167–117thWNIT First round
Anthony Bozzella: 87–45 (.659)46–44 (.511)
Total:669–618 (.520)

      National champion         Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion         Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion       Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion


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