Seth Wulsin

Seth Wulsin (born in Spring Valley, NY) is an artist working primarily with space and light through large-scale, site-specific, ephemeral sculpture and drawing.

Wulsin is best known for the work, 16 Tons, Prison Demolition,[1] a massive ongoing, public piece in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is a member of the art collectives Artistas en Latino America and Wubacawi and founder of Cajitas (2009).

Wulsin currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


  • Little Boxes (1999)
  • Brown Hole (2002)
  • Screen Portraits (2004)
  • Reagan (2005)
  • Jefferson (2006)
  • Dale Globo! (2006)
  • Caseros Prison Demolition Project – 16 Tons (2006)
  • A Hole is to Dig - To China (Ongoing)
  • Birth of the White Elephant (2007)
  • Time Drops in Decay - Pozos, Tumbas, Horcas (2007-ongoing)
  • Romulus and Remus (2007)
  • White House Bamboo (2008)
  • Subterranean Homesick Gold (2008-work in progress)
  • Las Cajitas (2009)
  • Cabeza de San Juan (2009
  • Selva Vertical (2009-work in progress)
  • Animas (2009-work in progress)[2]
  • Infinity also hurts (2010)


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