Serge Golon

Serge Golon (born Vsevolod Sergeevich Golubinov, Russian: Всеволод Серге́евич Голубинов; August 23, 1903, Urmia, Persia - July 12, 1972, Quebec, Canada), was a French geochemist, writer and artist of Russian descent. He is known as the husband of French author Anne Golon, in collaboration with whom he wrote the Angélique series.


He was a Russian aristocrat, born in Bukhara, Turkestan, where his father was the tsar's consul.[1]

He emigrated in 1920 through Constantinople to France. He graduated from the Higher School of Chemistry in Nancy.[1]

In the 1940s he worked in the French Congo, Africa, led the cement and tanneries, works on the gold mine. He met Simone Changeux there and returned to France with her. About his stay in Africa, he released together with his wife memories of "Au Cœur bêtes sauvages" (Paris, 1954). Written in collaboration with his wife who took pseudonyme Anna Golon 9 novels about the adventures of Angélique.[1] Their first book, published in 1957, was Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels.

Since 1961, he engaged in painting. In 1968 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, held the first solo exhibition.[1]

In 1972 Anne and Serge Golon went to Canada to research their new book. The saga of Angélique was to be continued in the New World. He died there. Anne and Serge Golon had four children.


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