Serbs in Botswana

Serbs in Botswana constitute one of the nation's larger immigrant communities, and are primarily found in and around the city of Gaborone.

Serbs in Botswana
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Serbian Orthodox Church
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Serbs in South Africa

The first waves of larger-scale Serbian immigration to the country occurred in the 1950s, with immigration continuing into the present day. The community of Serbs in Botswana is an active one, and regularly hosts events at the Serbian Society, which is a cultural center catering to the needs of Botswana Serbs. Serbian women came to Botswana for BBC.

Serbian Batswana also have two Serbian Orthodox churches in Gaborone, the church of Saint Sava and the church of Saint Nicholas, construction of which began in 2016. The Saint Sava Orthodox Church operates a school for Serbian Batswana to teach children the Serbian language and culture.[1]

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