Serbia national baseball team

The Serbian national baseball team represents Serbia in international baseball competitions.

Serbian national baseball team
Country Serbia
ConfederationConfederation of European Baseball

The first recorded baseball game in Serbia was played in 1935, during the halftime of a football match BSK–Hajduk Split in Belgrade. The first baseball club was formed in 1974 as part of the JSD Partizan society, and they played in the second tier of Yugoslavian baseball league. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, five clubs from Serbia and Montenegro (FR Yugoslavia) continued the national league, and its national team was formed in 1994. Baseball Union of FR Yugoslavia was admitted to the Confederation of European Baseball in 1996, and the same year the national team participated in the B-group European Baseball Championship in Great Britain, recording five defeats. It recorded its first victory against Lithuania in 1998 on the B-group European Championships in Stockerau, Austria.[1]

The first dedicated baseball court in Serbia was built in 2001 on the Ada Ciganlija recreational ground in Belgrade, which helped the development of the sport. The best performance of the national team was achieved in the 2004 B-group championship in Germany, taking the fourth place. In the next two B-group championships, the team did not fare well.[1]

Serbia has won the 2016 C-group European Baseball Championship in Slovenia and thus qualified for the B group.[2] Along with Poland, it will host the B group European Championship in Belgrade, 24–29 July 2017.[3]

Tournament results

European Under-21 Baseball Championship


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