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Serbia first participated at the Olympic Games in 1912 as the Kingdom of Serbia. Serbia returned to the Olympics as an independent team after ninety-six years at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Serbia at the
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Summer appearances
Winter appearances
Other related appearances
 Yugoslavia (1920–1992 W, 1996–2002)
 Independent Olympic Participants (1992 S)
 Serbia and Montenegro (2004–2006)


Despite not participating in the first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, Serbian king Aleksandar Obrenović attended the games at the invitation of Greek king George I and at these Games Momčilo Tapavica who competed for Kingdom of Hungary (born in today's Serbian provice Vojvodina), became the first athlete from today's territory of Serbia and the first an ethnic Serb to win an Olympic medal, bronze in tennis.[1]

From 1920 to the 1992 Winter Olympics Serbian athletes participated as part of the Yugoslavian team. At the 1992 Summer Olympics they participated as Independent Olympic Participants as their nation was under United Nations sanctions. The continuing sanctions meant that no Serbian athletes competed at the 1994 Winter Olympics. Sanctions were mostly lifted in 1995. From the 1996 Summer Olympics to the 2006 Winter Olympics they participated as part of the Serbia and Montenegro team.

The best example to illustrate the situation is the seven-time Olympian shooter and the 1988 gold medalist Jasna Šekarić who competed under four different banners at her twenty-four-year Olympic career. She started under the flag of Yugoslavia in 1988, then she competed as an Independent Participant in 1992, under the flag of Serbia and Montenegro from 1996 to 2004 and in 2008 and 2012 she represented Serbia.

Medal tables

Medals by sport

Water polo1023
Totals (10 sports)36615

List of medalists

Medal Name(s) Games Sport Event
 SilverMilorad Čavić 2008 Beijing SwimmingMen's 100 m butterfly
 BronzeNovak Djokovic 2008 Beijing TennisMen's singles
 Bronze 2008 Beijing Water poloMen's tournament
 GoldMilica Mandić 2012 London TaekwondoWomen's +67 kg
 SilverIvana Maksimović 2012 London ShootingWomen's 50 m rifle three positions
 BronzeAndrija Zlatić 2012 London ShootingMen's 10 m air pistol
 Bronze 2012 London Water poloMen's tournament
 GoldDavor Štefanek 2016 Rio de Janeiro WrestlingMen's Greco-Roman 66 kg
 Gold 2016 Rio de Janeiro Water poloMen's tournament
 SilverTijana Bogdanović 2016 Rio de Janeiro TaekwondoWomen's 49 kg
 SilverMarko Tomićević
Milenko Zorić
2016 Rio de Janeiro CanoeingMen's K-2 1000 m
 Silver 2016 Rio de Janeiro VolleyballWomen's tournament
 Silver 2016 Rio de Janeiro BasketballMen's tournament
 BronzeIvana Španović 2016 Rio de Janeiro AthleticsWomen's long jump
 Bronze 2016 Rio de Janeiro BasketballWomen's tournament

Multiple medal winners

This is a list of people who have won two or more Olympic medals, who represented Serbia as an independent country at least once.

Athlete Sport Gender Years Games Total
Jasna Šekarić Shooting W1988–2004Summer1315
Slobodan Nikić Water polo M2004–2016Summer1113
Filip Filipović Water polo M2008–2016Summer1023
Duško Pijetlović Water polo M2008–2016Summer1023
Andrija Prlainović Water polo M2008–2016Summer1023
Živko Gocić Water polo M2008–2016Summer1023
Milan Aleksić Water polo M2012–2016Summer1012
Andrija Gerić Volleyball M1996–2000Summer1012
Nikola Grbić Volleyball M1996–2000Summer1012
Gojko Pijetlović Water polo M2012–2016Summer1012
Dušan Mandić Water polo M2012–2016Summer1012
Stefan Mitrović Water polo M2012–2016Summer1012
Aleksandar Ćirić Water polo M2000–2008Summer0123
Dejan Savić Water polo M2000–2008Summer0123
Aleksandar Šapić Water polo M2000–2008Summer0123
Vanja Udovičić Water polo M2004–2012Summer0123
Vladimir Vujasinović Water polo M2000–2008Summer0123
Denis Šefik Water polo M2004–2008Summer0112
Nikola Rađen Water polo M2008–2012Summer0022
Slobodan Soro Water polo M2008–2012Summer0022
  • People in bold are still active competitors
  • Olympics in italic are medals won for the predecessor countries

Medal winners as medal winning coach

Athlete Sport Gender Games As participant As head coach
Years Total Years Total
Dejan Savić Water polo MSummer2000–2008012320161001
Goran Maksimović Shooting MSummer198810012004–20120213
Aleksandar Đorđević Basketball MSummer1996010120160101

Predecessor countries

The Olympic Committee of Serbia, created in 1910 and recognized in 1912, is deemed the direct successor to both Yugoslav Olympic Committee and the Olympic Committee of Serbia and Montenegro by IOC, and therefore the inheritor to all the records of the defunct nations.[2] In the period from 1920 to 2006, athletes representing these defunct countries won a total of 99 medals: 95 at Summer Games and 4 at Winter Games.

Country № Summer Gold Silver Bronze Total № Winter Gold Silver Bronze Total № Games Gold Silver Bronze Combined Total
Kingdom of Yugoslavia532383000083238
SFR Yugoslavia11232725751003142123302679
 Independent Olympic Participants101230000010123
Serbia and Montenegro324393000062439

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