Serbia at the European Youth Olympic Festival

Serbia participated at the European Youth Olympic Festival since its establishment in 1991.

Serbia at the
European Youth Olympic Festival
NOCOlympic Committee of Serbia (in Serbian)

From 1991−2001 Serbia competed under the name Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In that period did not compete in only 2 EYOFs, both Summer and Winter in 1993 due to UN sanctions. Between 2003−2005. competed under the name Serbia and Montenegro. From 2007 forward it competes as Serbia.

Serbia hosted the 2007 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival in Belgrade.

Medal tables

List of medalists

Summer Festivals

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 BronzeSilvija Erdelji 1991 Brussels Table tennisWomen's Singles
 BronzeTatjana Trivić 1995 Bath Judo36 kg
 BronzeRadmila Kvrgić 1995 Bath Judo56 kg
 GoldSonja Stolić 1997 Lisbon Athletics1500m
 BronzeSiniša Šupić 1997 Lisbon Judo86 kg
 GoldMarina Munćan 1999 Esbjerg Athletics3000m
 SilverMaja Janjić 1999 Esbjerg AthleticsJavelin throw
 SilverBasketball team 1999 Esbjerg BasketballMen's tournament
 GoldMiloš Vučković 2001 Murcia Athletics2000m steeplechase
 GoldSnežana Kostić 2001 Murcia Athletics3000m
 SilverBojana Žuvić 2001 Murcia Judo70 kg
 BronzeLuka Rujević 2001 Murcia AthleticsDiscus throw
 BronzeHandball team 2001 Murcia HandballMen's tournament
 SilverDušan Markešević 2003 Paris Athletics3000m
 SilverJovana Rogić 2003 Paris Judo52 kg
 SilverGabriela Feher, Katalin Markuš 2003 Paris Table tennisWomen's Doubles
 SilverZoran Savić, Uroš Gordić 2003 Paris Table tennisMen's Doubles
 GoldAzra Eminović 2005 Lignano Sabbiadoro Athletics3000m
 SilverAzra Eminović 2005 Lignano Sabbiadoro Athletics1500m
 SilverNataša Zorić 2005 Lignano Sabbiadoro TennisWomen's Singles
 BronzeArsenije Zlatanović 2005 Lignano Sabbiadoro TennisMen's Singles
 BronzeArsenije Zlatanović, Nataša Zorić 2005 Lignano Sabbiadoro TennisMixed Doubles
 GoldMila Andrić 2007 Belgrade Athletics100m Hurdles
 GoldTatjana Jelača 2007 Belgrade AthleticsJavelin throw
 GoldWater polo team 2007 Belgrade Water poloMen's tournament
 SilverMila Andrić 2007 Belgrade Athletics400m Hurdles
 SilverIvana Španović 2007 Belgrade AthleticsLong jump
 SilverVolleyball team 2007 Belgrade VolleyballWomen's tournament
 BronzeIvana Španović, Angela Terek, Andrijana Andrić, Mila Andrić 2007 Belgrade Athletics4 × 100 m
 BronzeBasketball team 2007 Belgrade BasketballMen's tournament
 BronzeAndrea Todorović, Eva Tot 2007 Belgrade Table tennisWomen's doubles
 GoldAmela Terzić 2009 Tampere Athletics3000m
 GoldVelimir Stjepanović 2009 Tampere Swimming100m Butterfly
 SilverTeodora Simović 2009 Tampere Athletics2000m steeplechase
 SilverMarija Vučenović 2009 Tampere AthleticsJavelin throw
 SilverJelena Dukić 2009 Tampere Judo57 kg
 SilverVelimir Stjepanović 2009 Tampere Swimming100m Freestyle
 SilverVolleyball team 2009 Tampere VolleyballMen's tournament
 BronzeAmela Terzić 2009 Tampere Athletics1500m
 BronzeIvana Jandrić 2009 Tampere Judo70 kg
 BronzeIlija Ciganović 2009 Tampere Judo66 kg
 SilverNemanja Kojić 2011 Trabzon Athletics800m
 SilverBasketball team 2011 Trabzon BasketballMen's tournament
 SilverVolleyball team 2011 Trabzon VolleyballWomen's tournament
 BronzeOlja Nikolić 2011 Trabzon Athletics2000m steeplechase
 BronzeHandball team 2011 Trabzon HandballMen's tournament
 GoldBasketball team 2013 Utrecht BasketballMen's tournament
 SilverVolleyball team 2013 Utrecht VolleyballWomen's tournament
 GoldElzan Bibić 2015 Tbilisi Athletics3000m
 GoldJovana Obradović 2015 Tbilisi Judo63 kg
 SilverElzan Bibić 2015 Tbilisi Athletics1500m
 SilverTamara Mićević 2015 Tbilisi Athletics1500m
 SilverTamara Mićević 2015 Tbilisi Athletics3000m
 SilverVolleyball team 2015 Tbilisi VolleyballWomen's tournament
 BronzeKatarina Sekulić 2015 Tbilisi Athletics400m
 BronzeNadežda Petrović 2015 Tbilisi Judo48 kg
 BronzeAleksa Bobar 2015 Tbilisi Swimming100m freestyle
 GoldAndrea Stojadinov 2017 Győr Judo48 kg
 SilverMarica Perišić 2017 Győr Judo57 kg
 SilverAnja Obradović 2017 Győr Judo63 kg
 BronzeAna Bjelić 2017 Győr Judo40 kg
 BronzeAna Bjelić, Andrea Stojadinov, Marica Perišić, Anja Obradović 2017 Győr JudoTeam event

Winter Festivals

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 SilverNina Micić 2007 Jaca SnowboardingParallel Giant Slalom

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