Sentinels of Bronze

Sentinels of Bronze (Italian: Sentinelle di bronzo) is a 1937 Italian war film directed by Romolo Marcellini and starring Fosco Giachetti, Giovanni Grasso and Doris Duranti.

Sentinels of Bronze
Directed byRomolo Marcellini
Written byGian Gaspare Napolitano
Marcello Orano
Sandro Sandri
Romolo Marcellini
StarringFosco Giachetti
Giovanni Grasso
Doris Duranti
Hassan Mohamed
CinematographyRenato Del Frate
Fono Roma
Distributed byGeneralcine
Release date
21 August 1937
Running time
92 minutes


In the 1930s and 1940s, early Somali actors and film technicians co-operated with Italian crews to domestically produce Fascist films. Among the latter productions were Dub'aad and Sentinels of Bronze. The movie "Sentinels of Bronze" (Sentinelle di bronzo[1]) was awarded in the Festival di Venezia of 1937 as the "Best Italian colonial Film", winning an Italian Cup.[2]

The film is a propaganda work set in the days leading up to the outbreak of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War.


In an incident modeled on the Wal Wal incident, an Italian outpost is besieged by large numbers of Abyssinian troops, but the garrison refuse to surrender. It was part of a series of films set in Italy's African Empire during the Fascist era[3].


  • Fosco Giachetti as Capitano Negri
  • Giovanni Grasso as Sergente Amato
  • Doris Duranti as Dahabò
  • Hassan Mohamed as Elmi
  • Mohamed Aghi Alì as Islam
  • Ali Ibrahim as Giama
  • Elmi Ahmed as Ras Sciferrà
  • Abdullah Ali as Hawariat


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