Selex RAN-40L

Selex RAN-40L is a naval 3D L band search radar developed by Leonardo (previously Selex ES, SELEX Sistemi Integrati and then merged in Leonardo.[2] The radar is used for long range maritime air surveillance and early warning. The radar uses a fully solid state active phased array antenna and capable of tracking and detecting air targets like aircraft or drones up to 400 km away. RAN-40L is based on existing land based 3D RAT-31DL radar which is a system widely used by NATO Countries for long air surveillance.[3][4]

Selex RAN-40L
Country of originItaly
Type3D Solid-state Long Range Early Warning Naval Active Phased Array Radar[1]
FrequencyL band
RPM6 rpm modes[1]
Range400 km[1]

The radar functions include Track While Scan for air and surface long-range surveillance and missile tracking . Radar coverage is obtained by phase scanning in elevation, while mechanically rotating in azimuth. The antenna rotates at 6rpm or 12rpm, with 360° azimuth coverage.[1]

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