Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Jaya

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Jaya, (SMKSJ) is a secondary school situated in SS14 of Subang Jaya, Malaysia. It was formerly known as Sekolah Menengah Subang Jaya. It is situated at the Latitude of 3.0694937 and Longitude of 101.5902114. It was the first school to be established in the Subang Jaya region in 1981. Due to the lack of classrooms, SMK Subang Utama was built to accommodate the students residing in Subang Jaya.

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Jaya
SMK Subang Jaya School Crest

CoordinatesLatitude 3.0694937 longitude 101.5902114
TypeNational Secondary School
MottoMotor : Usaha Jaya Bakti
School districtSubang Jaya
PrincipalTuan Pengetua , Tuan Haji Mohd Zailani Bin Othman
GradesForm One to Form Five
Number of students1222
BEA CodeBEA 8604
Head Prefect of SMK Subang JayaRaveena Brito Mutunayagam
YearbookSinar Jaya
WebsiteSMK Subang Jaya Official Websites



SMK Subang Jaya was established in January 1, 1981. Initially, there were only four buildings, which were two blocks consisting of classrooms, a canteen and a workshop. Block C which had two laboratories and sixty-nine classrooms was built in 1985.

A prayer room was built in 1986 and in 1990 and an additional building was built at the end of Block A and Block B. Each building has six additional classrooms, while a "TASKA" was built in 1992. This had to be closed due to the lack of classrooms.

SMKSJ was selected as the "School of Hope" in Selangor state level in 1993, while in the national level, SMKSJ was ranked second.

The Pursuing Gold Council was formed on June 16, 1993 with Muhammad Muhammad Taib, the then Menteri Besar of Selangor as patron. Its objective was to produce two gold medal winning athletes (male and female) among students of SMKSJ in the 1998 SUKOM 1998 Commonwealth Games.

With the effort of Puan Sri To' Puan Rohani Awang Chik, the ninth principal, a hall was completed in 1994 and named Dewan Sri SMKSJ after her. It was officially opened by Wan Zahid Nordin, Director General of Education at that time on June 29, 1995.

In his opening speech, he described SMKSJ as "An Ordinary School with Extraordinary headmistress, teachers and pupils".[1]


There have been many changes since the year of 2000, the headmistress of the school had work very hard for the new physical changes. Numerous changes which is physically seen by all visitors and ex-students are:

  • Kamar Seri Flora
  • Kasma Arena
  • Pondok Cendiakawan[2]
  • Air-conditioned Staffroom
  • Staffroom with Student Counter
  • Refurbishment of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Laboratory
  • 1Bestari, VLE FROG Lab[3]

Recently, the new headmistress of the school has proposed to build an additional school block consisting of new laboratories, classrooms, and other amenities in order to accommodate the overcrowding of students in the school.

Motto, Vision & Mission and Anthem

School Motto

Usaha Jaya Bakti

School Vision

Sekolah Unggul, Penjana Generasi Terbilang

School Mission

Membangun Potensi Individu Melalui Pendidikan Yang Berkualiti [4]

  • Membentuk murid yang berdisiplin dan berakhlak mulia.
  • Mendidik setiap murid dengan ilmu yang bermanfaat di dunia dan di akhirat.
  • Melibatkan murid secara aktif dalam bidang kokurikulum.
  • Meninggikan prestasi akademik dan kokurikulum ke tahap yang cemerlang.
  • Memberi perkhidmatan yang efektif dan berkualiti kepada semua.

School Anthem

Usaha Jaya Bakti

Cogan kata Harus Dibangga

Sekolah Menengah Subang Jaya

Usaha Jaya Bakti

Cogan kata Panduan Kita

Marilah Semua

Tekadkan Ia Bersama

Sedarlah Semua

Kita Pelajar

Harapan Bangsa Dan Negara

Marilah Padu Tenaga

Kita Usaha,

Untuk Negara Yang Tercinta

Marilah Padu Tenaga

Kita Usaha

Untuk Negara Yang Tercinta.[5]

List of Head of Prefects

The Head of Prefect of SMK Subang Jaya had been leading and maintaining the school discipline for year.

No.Name Year Served Motto
1Chua Boon Weng 1982 - 1985
2 Benothini Bascaran Nair 1985 - 1986
3 Lim Beng Swee 1986 - 1987
4 Kang Chin Hin 1987 - 1988
5 Yap Kin Choy 1988 - 1989
6 Mohd Razzi b. Kamarulzaman 1989 - 1990
7 Adam Nasir b. Nawi 1990 - 1991
8 Mustadza b. Muhammad 1991 - 1992
9 Thuraikumar a/l Kanniah 1992 - 1993
10 Randhil Singh 1993 - 1994
11 Laykha Boonlerd 1994 - 1995
12 Mohamad Taufik b. Mahamad Zakaria 1995 - 1996
13 Andrew Lim Teng Siang 1996 - 1997
14 Mohd Radzi b. Rodzlan Akib 1997 - 1998
15 Jireh Goh Yee Loch 1998 - 1999
16 Sudesh Abhimanyu Woodiga 1999 - 2000
17 Ng Shin Seong 2000 - 2001
18 Cassie Har Siu Phang 2001 - 2002 All For One, One for All
19 Zuri Shahidii Hj Kadir 2002 - 2003 Responsibility is Our Duty
20 Palvinderjit Singh 2003 - 2004 United We Stand
21 Siew Mun Hong 2004 - 2005 Leaders of Today, Pride of Tomorrow
22 Muhd. Khairil b. Khalid 2005 - 2006 Spirit, Key to Excellence
23 Wan Khye Theng 2006 - 2007 A Tradition of Excellence
24 Heng Jia Wei 2007 - 2008 Unite and Lead with Pride
25 Tan Jia Fu 2008 - 2009 Together We Are One, The Impossible Can Be Done.
26 Wan Mohamed Afie b. W M Noordin 2009 - 2010 Unite for Excellence
27 Natasha Suraya Mohd Askandar 2010 - 2011 Strength in Unity, Excellence in Responsibility
28 Nurul Najwa Solehah bt. Nor Ikhsan 2011 - 2012 Lead with Passion, Unite Through Profession
29 Nur Aimi Yasmin Binti Azman 2012 - 2013 Communication The Core of Perfection
30 Aimi Zahara 2013 - 2014 Perceive, Believe, Achieve
31 Kaushalyaa a/p Manivasagan 2014 - 2015 Valiant, Virtuos, Victorious
32 Megat Irfan Bin Jefri 2015 - 2016 Unity Achieves the Impossible
33 Julia Aizul Rohan 2016 - 2017 For Today, For Tomorrow, For the Future
34 Aini Sofia 2017 - 2018 Aspire, Inspire, Sure-Fire
35 Raveena Brito-Mutunayagam 2018–present Serve With Pride, Lead With Confidence

(last updated June 2019)

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent-Teacher Association of SMK Subang Jaya has contributed vastly to the school, financially and in terms of support. The Parent-Teacher Association had collected funds in order to refurbish the school facility. They believed that this increased the reputation of the school name.

Recently, they had agreed with the headmistress of the school to build another additional of block in order to accommodate the crowded students in the area. The construction had begun, the construction completed on 2016. Today, the block of school had accommodate additional rising crowded students.


SMK Subang Jaya Alumni is officially established on 8 August 2009 by Mr. Richard Chua Boon Weng who was the first Head Prefect of SMK Subang Jaya. In an event held at Dewan Sri SMK Subang Jaya, the SMK Subang Jaya Alumni pioneer committee was officially elected, as witnessed by the current school principal, teachers and many other former students of SMK Subang Jaya from the 80s, 90s and year 2000 onwards.

The slogan of SMKSJ Alumni is Friendship, Memories, Stay Connected

Notable alumni

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