Segusium (association)

The Segusium (Society for Research and Studies of Susa valley) is a non-profit organization founded by December 7, 1963.[1] The intent of the association is to promote and protect the heritage and landscape of Susa Valley and surrounding areas, by promoting research, on the history, language and local folklore. Post an annual magazine of the same name. The association has been driven by Msgr. Severino Savi; Giulio Fabiano; Lino Bortolo Perdoncin; actually, president is Germano Bellicardi. The magazine has been direct by Clemente Blandino; Augusto Doro; Ferruccio Pari; Alfredo Gilibert; Tullio Forno; from 1999 to 2015 director was Piero Del Vecchio, assisted by an Editorial Committee; from 2016 is Valter Giuliano.

  • Segusium, association and non-profit magazine Web site


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