Segodnya (Russian: Сегодня, IPA: [sʲɪˈvodʲnʲə] (listen), lit. 'Today') is a Russian-language Ukrainian tabloid newspaper, founded in 1997. While run from Kiev, it is linked to Donbass political and business groups; its holding company is owned by Rinat Akhmetov's Ukraina Media Group.[1] The paper supported former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych for the presidency in 2004. Since the "Orange Revolution", the newspaper has moderated its pro-Eastern reporting under pressure from its own journalists. Segodnya is a current member of the Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers.


In 2011, the paper's journalists threatened to go on strike after Chief Editor Ihor Guzhva was controversially fired, and his replacement censored certain types of stories, and dictated to journalists how certain politicians and public figures should be covered. "Olena Hromnytska is trying to implement corruption schemes for publishing paid articles […] and also to introduce censorship in the newspaper" the journalists' statement read. In particular, the statement said she ordered some stories removed from the website about Odesa Mayor Oleksiy Kostusev and presidential adviser Hanna Herman. She also mandated favorable coverage of certain politicians and public figures, the journalists say.[2] The newspaper was even accused of publishing forged documents.[3]


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