Segmental medullary artery

Each segmental medullary artery is a branch of the cervical part of the vertebral artery.[1] These small branches penetrate into the vertebral bone through small openings such as the intervertebral foramina. These segmental arteries provide blood flow to the surface and inside the spinal canal at each segmental level.

Segmental medullary artery
1: Posterior spinal vein
2: Anterior spinal vein
3: Posterolateral spinal vein
4: Radicular (or segmental medullary) vein
5: Posterior spinal arteries
6: Anterior spinal artery
7: Radicular artery
BranchesAnterior spinal artery
LatinArteria medullaris segmentalis
Anatomical terminology

The largest anterior segmental medullary artery is also known as the artery of Adamkiewicz.

They can join the anterior spinal artery.[2]

The existence of a great posterior radiculomedullary artery has recently been confirmed by Mexican neuroanatomist Dr. Victor Hugo Pérez Pérez.[3]


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