Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal

The Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal was established by Act of Congress in 1936 to commemorate the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition.

Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal
Awarded by United States Congress
TypeCommemorative medal
EligibilityMembers of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition from 1933-1935
Awarded for6 months service at Little America or command of one of the expedition ships during the expedition
Established2 June 1936
Total awarded50
Next (higher)Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal[1]
Next (lower)United States Antarctic Expedition Medal[1]
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Ribbon bar of the medal


Established by an act of congress on 2 June 1936, the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal was awarded to expedition members who spent six months, the entire winter night, at Little America. Commanders of the expeditions ships, who commanded throughout the expedition from 1933 through 1935, were also eligible.[2] This criteria limited the award of the medals to 50 recipients.[3]


The medal is a circular a silver medallion 1 1/4 inches in diameter. The obverse depicts the figure of Admiral Byrd, in polar clothing with a sled dog standing to the left. To the right of the figure, in two lines, are the dates 1933 1935. The inscription BYRD ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION arcs around the top of the medal. The reverse has a rectangle bearing the inscription, in 14 lines: PRESENTED TO THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE SECOND BYRD ANT- ARCTIC EXPEDITION TO EXPRESS THE VERY HIGH ADMIRATION IN WHICH THE CONGRESS AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HOLD THEIR HEROIC AND UNDAUNTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR SCIENCE UNEQUALLED IN THE HISTORY OF POLAR EXPLORATION. A Ford Tri-Motor airplane appears above the tablet in relief with a dog sled, "Little America" buildings, and the sailing ship "City of New York" around the rectangle. The medal is suspended from a solid white silk ribbon.[4]


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