Sean Kelly (writer)

Sean Kelly (born July 1940) is a Canadian author, writer, humorist, voice actor and teacher originally from Montreal. Kelly was an editor of the National Lampoon magazine from 1971 to 1977. He and Fred Graver served as co-Editors in Chief of National Lampoon under the pseudonym L. Dennis Plunkett. He currently teaches in the Humanities and Media Studies department of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Television work

Kelly has done a considerable amount of writing for children's television. He wrote for The Magic School Bus, the live action/computer animated series Ace Lightning, CBS Young People's Concerts, the FOX series Goosebumps and the PBS series Shining Time Station. In 2004 he received an Emmy Award for the PBS early literacy series, Between the Lions.[1]


Kelly has authored and coauthored numerous books.

List of books

  • Slightly Higher in Canada, Sean Kelly and Ted Mann, 1978
  • The Secret: A Treasure Hunt, Sean Kelly and Ted Mann, 1982
  • Irish Folk and Fairy Tales, Edited by Sean Kelly, 1982
  • Not the Bible, Sean Kelly and Tony Hendra, 1983
  • A Book Called Bob, Sean Kelly, 1984
  • Grosseries, Sean Kelly and Trish Todd, 1987
  • Nicknames/Unusual Monikers, Secret Identities, Remarkable Aliases, Hilarious Histories, Sean Kelly and Ron Hauge, 1987
  • Spitting Images, Sean Kelly, 1987
  • 101 Ways to Answer the Request: "Would You Please Put Out That #(!&)", Sean Kelly, Warren Leight, and Charles Rubin
  • The Book of Sequels, Henry Beard, Christopher Cerf, Sarah Durkee, & Sean Kelly, 1990
  • Boom Baby Moon, Sean Kelly and Ron Hauge, 1993
  • Saints Preserve Us!: Everything You Need to Know About Every Saint You'll Ever Need, Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers, 1993
  • Herstory: Lisa Marie's Wedding Diary: Shamelessly Concocted, Sean Kelly, Chris Kelly, and Ron Barrett, 1996
  • Who in Hell...: A Guide to the Whole Damned Bunch, Sean Kelly, Rosemary Rogers, and I. Clement, 1996
  • How to Be Irish (Even If You Already Are), Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers, 1999
  • The Birthday Book of Saints: Your Powerful Personal Patrons of Every Blessed Day of the Year, Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers, 2001
  • The Saint-a-Day Guide: A Lighthearted but Accurate Compendium, Sean Kelly, 2003
  • Bush Photo Oops: Presidential Photo Ops Gone Awry, Sean Kelly and Chris Kelly, 2004


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