Scullin Ministry

The Scullin Ministry was the twentieth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 22 October 1929 to 6 January 1932.[1]

Scullin Ministry

20th Ministry of Australia
Date formed22 October 1929
Date dissolved6 January 1932
People and organisations
MonarchGeorge VI
Governor-GeneralThe Baron Stonehaven (1929–1930)
Sir Isaac Isaacs (1931–1932)
Prime MinisterJames Scullin
No. of ministers11
Member partyLabor
Status in legislatureMajority government
Opposition partyNationalist (1929–1931)
UAP (1931–1932)
Opposition leaderJohn Latham (1929–1931)
Joseph Lyons (1931–1932)
Election(s)12 October 1929
Outgoing election19 December 1931
PredecessorSecond Bruce Ministry
SuccessorFirst Lyons Ministry


Minister Portrait Title
  James Scullin MP
  Ted Theodore MP
  Arthur Blakeley MP
  Albert Green MP
  Senator John Daly
  Ben Chifley MP
  James Fenton MP
  Frank Forde MP
  Frank Anstey MP
  John McNeill MP
  Joseph Lyons MP
  Parker Moloney MP
  Senator John Barnes

Assistant ministers

Minister Portrait Title
  Jack Beasley MP
  Jack Holloway MP
  Senator John Barnes
  Senator John Dooley
  Frank Forde MP
  Charles Culley MP
  Senator John Daly
  • Assistant Minister (from 26 June 1931)
  Lou Cunningham MP
  • Assistant Minister (from 26 June 1931)


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