Scroby Sands

Scroby Sands is a sandbank or shoal, off the coast of Norfolk, England which runs near shore, north to south from Caister south towards Great Yarmouth.[1] It has been the site of many shipwrecks.[2] This location is also notable for an offshore 60MW wind farm opened in 2003.

Scroby Sands
Scroby Sands and its Wind Farm
LocationSouthern North Sea, Norfolk, United Kingdom


Scroby Sands is 4 miles (6.4 km) from the coast and separated by channels from the adjacent Caister shoals, Cockle Shoals, Cross Sands, Corton and Holm Sands. Scroby sands is frequently shown on charts as having three components, named North Scroby, Middle Scroby and South Scroby.

It comprises a large group of shoals with Scroby Sands itself being the largest near shore sandbank in the group. It is deeper and narrower at its northern end and shallower and broader at its southern end.

Wind farm

The sands are now clearly marked by the Wind turbines of Scroby Sands wind farm which were erected in 2003-4. The farm was commissioned by Powergen Renewables Offshore, a division of one of the UK's major electricity producing companies (now called E.ON UK), and is expected to produce up to a maximum of 60 megawatts of power, enough for 41,000 homes.

Ships wrecked on Scroby Sands

Some of the ships wrecked here include:

  • Durham Packet of Stockton wrecked on 6 December 1847
  • SS Douglas wrecked after collision with SS Sinloo on Cross sands on 28 January 1905[2]
  • SS Sinloo wrecked after collision with SS Douglas (see above)[2]
  • SS Eastward stranded then wrecked 25 March 1918[2]
  • SS Hopelyn wrecked on 17 October 1922.[3]
  • Sequena wrecked October 1995

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