Screenland was a monthly U.S. magazine about movies, published between September 1920 and June 1971,[1] when it merged with Silver Screen. In the September 1952 issue, the name changed to Screenland plus TV-Land.

Joan Blondell on July 1939 cover
First issue1920
Final issue1971
CompanyHenry Publishing
CountryUnited States

In was established in Los Angeles, California, with Myron Zobel as the editor in 1922. Frederick James Smith became the editor in 1923 when it moved to Cooperstown, New York. One magazine-collector site credits, without attribution, one Paul Hunter, "with rescuing Screenland magazine for John Cuneo back in 1932."[2]

In October 1952, Ned Pines' Standard Magazines, an imprint of Pines Publications, purchased Silver Screen and Screenland from the Henry Publishing company.[3] Pines announced in June 1954 that he was suspending publication with the August 1954 issue, citing production and distribution costs.[4] The magazine continued publication through 1971, however.

In 1923 the magazine reported a love affair between Evelyn Brent and Douglas Fairbanks, resulting in legal threats, and a retraction.[5]

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