Scouting museums

Throughout the world there are many museums related to Scouting dedicated to preserving, communicating, and exhibiting the heritage of the Scouting movement for purposes of study, education, and enjoyment of society. A downloadable world directory of Scouting museums is available from the US Scouting Service Project[1].

Scouting museums
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  • Baden-Powell museumNyeri, Kenya, near Mount Kenya. Baden-Powell's Paxtu cottage, now a small museum, stands on the grounds of the Outspan Hotel. For years it served as a WAGGGS World Center.
  • Scout Information Centre – Baden Powell's Gravesite, Nyeri, Kenya, near Mount Kenya. This is a fairly modern build which contains a small shop, a board showing badges (many collected during the 2010 World Scout Moot in Kenya) and various neckers (scarfs) from around the World. There are plans to develop it in to a fully fledged museum outlining the history of the association. Talks were under way with National Museums of Kenya to obtain suitable display cases, etc... during 2013. A number of historical items currently held at the Kenya Scout HQs in Rowallan Campsite, Nairobi are likely to be moved into the new museum once it has been completed. This includes a 1st Edition copy of Scouting for Boys.[2][3]




  • Pfadfindermuseum und Institut für Pfadfindergeschichte, Vienna [5]
  • Pfadfindermuseum der Gilde Bruck an der Leitha


  • Scouts en Gidsen Museum / Musée du Scoutisme et Guidisme, Louvain[6]
  • Centre Historique Belge du Scoutisme / Belgische Historische Centrum voor Scoutisme, Brussels[7]
  • International Scouting Museum, Arlon [8]


  • Spejdermuseet Holmen [9]
  • Esbjerg Spejdermuseum [10]
  • Spejdermuseet Århus [11]
  • Stenlændernes Spejdermuseum [12]
  • KFUM-spejdernes korpshistoriske udvalg
  • Sønderjysk Spejdermuseum [13]
  • Tydal Spejdermuseum
  • Silkeborg Spejdermuseum [14]
  • Nordjysk Spejdermuseum [15]
  • De historiske Samlinger, Aalborg [16]
  • KFUK-Spejdermuseum (Randers) [17]
  • Randers Spejdermuseum DDS
  • De Gule Spejderes museum [18]
  • Fyns Spejder- og FDF museum


  • Suomen Partiomuseo – Finlands Scoutmuseum, Turku[19]



The Netherlands

  • Scouting Nederland Museum, Baarn[22]
  • Scoutingmuseum Haagse Randstad, The Hague[23] Traveling museum without a permanent exhibition space.
  • Scouting Museum "De Ducdalf", Rotterdam[24]



  • Muzeum Harcerstwa (Polish Scouting Museum), Warsaw[25]
  • Muzeum Harcerskie im. Olgi i Andrzeja Małkowskich (Olga & Andrzej Małkowski Scouting Museum), Zakopane
  • Scouting Museum, Radom





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Virtual Museums'

  • "Scouting Milestones Scout History Website". Archived from the original on 13 September 2012. has over 55 fully researched articles with unique photographs of the rarest Scout artifacts making it the most comprehensive virtual Scout Museum on the net.
  • Lawrence L. Smith Scouting Museum and Library, Manchester, New Hampshire
  • USScouts Scout & Guide Museum page (US and worldwide)



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