Scotus Academy

Scotus Academy was a Catholic all-boys day school on Corstorphine Road in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was founded in 1953 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers and closed in 1978. The building now forms part of Murrayfield Hospital.

Scotus Academy
Corstorphine Road

School typeIndependent all-male primary to secondary school
MottoLatin: Decuit, Potuit, Ergo Fecit
(It was fitting; He was able; Therefore, he did it)
Religious affiliation(s)Roman Catholic (Congregation of Christian Brothers)
RectorBr. T. Livingstone, CFC (1978)
Medium of languageEnglish


  1. Br. J. S. Russell, CFC (1953 – February 1959)[1][2]
  2. Br. P. K. Ennis, CFC (April 1959 – 1962)[1]
  3. Br. I. Baylor, CFC (1962 – February 1966)[1]
  4. Br. J. C. Ambrose, CFC (April 1966 – 1971)[1][2]
  5. Br. T. Livingstone, CFC (1971 – 1978)[1]

Notable faculty

Arthur Oldham, an English composer, was amongst its faculty.


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