Scottish Men's Curling Championship

The Scottish Men's Curling Championship is the national men's curling championship for Scotland. The championship usually decides which team of curlers is sent to the World Men's Curling Championship, but in Olympic years the winner must play the British Olympic representative to play to determine the Scottish team at the Worlds.[1]

Scottish Men's Curling Championship
2020 host cityPerth
2020 arenaDewars Centre
2019 championBruce Mouat, Gogar Park CC

Past champions

Year Skip Vice Second Lead Locale
1962Willie YoungJohn PearsonSandy AndersonRobert YoungStirling
1963Chuck HayJohn BrydenAlan GlenJames HamiltonPerth
1964Alex F. TorranceAlex TorranceRobert KirklandJames WaddellHamilton
1965Chuck HayJohn BrydenAlan GlenDavid HowiePerth
1966Chuck HayJohn BrydenAlan GlenDavid HowiePerth
1967Chuck HayJohn BrydenAlan GlenDavid HowiePerth
1968Chuck HayJohn BrydenAlan GlenDavid HowiePerth
1969Bill MuirheadGeorge HaggartDerek ScottAlex YoungPerth
1970Bill MuirheadGeorge HaggartDerek ScottMurray MelvillePerth
1971James SandersonWillie SandersonIain BaxterColin BaxterEdinburgh
1972Alex F. TorranceAlex TorranceRobert KirklandJames WaddellHamilton
1973Alex F. TorranceAlex TorranceTom McGregorWillie KerrHamilton
1974James WaddellJames SteeleRobert KirklandWillie FrameHamilton
1975Alex F. TorranceAlex TorranceWillie KerrTom MacGregorHamilton
1976Bill MuirheadDerek ScottLen DudmanRoy SinclairPerth
1977Ken HortonWillie JamiesonKeith DouglasRichard HardingGlasgow
1978James SandersonIain BaxterWillie SandersonColin BaxterEdinburgh
1979James WaddellWillie FrameJim ForrestGeorge BryanHamilton
1980Barton HendersonGreig HendersonWilliam HendersonAlastair SinclairAberdeen
1981Colin HamiltonMichael DickDavid RamsayRichard PretselEdinburgh
1982Colin HamiltonDavid RamsayMichael DickRichard PretselEdinburgh
1983Graeme AdamKen HortonAndrew McQuistinBob CowanIrvine
1984Mike HayDavid HayDavid SmithRussell KeillerPerth
1985Billy HowatRobert ClarkRobert ShawAlistair HenryAyr
1986David SmithHammy McMillanMike HayPeter SmithPerth
1987Grant McPhersonHammy McMillanBobby WilsonRichard HardingKinlochard
1988David SmithHammy McMillanMike HayPeter SmithPerth
1989Graeme AdamKen HortonAndrew McQuistinRobin CoplandGlasgow
1990David SmithMike HayPeter SmithDavid HayPerth
1991David SmithGraeme ConnalPeter SmithDavid HayPerth
1992Hammy McMillanNorman BrownGordon MuirheadRoger McIntyreStranraer
1993David SmithGraeme ConnalPeter SmithDavid HayPerth
1994Colin HamiltonBob KellyVic MoranColin BarrLivingston
1995Gordon MuirheadPeter LoudonBob KellyRussell KeillerLivingston
1996Warwick SmithDavid SmithPeter SmithDavid HayPerth
1997Hammy McMillanNorman BrownMike HayBrian BinnieStranraer
1998David SmithWarwick SmithPeter SmithDavid HayPerth
1999Hammy McMillanWarwick SmithEwan MacDonaldPeter LoudonInverness
2000Robert KellyNeil HamptonTom PendreighRoss HepburnInverness
2001Hammy McMillanWarwick SmithEwan MacDonaldPeter LoudonInverness
2002Peter SmithDavid HayGraham CormackSteve RankinPerth
2003David MurdochCraig WilsonNeil MurdochEuan ByersLockerbie
2004Ewan MacDonaldWarwick SmithDavid HayPeter LoudonInverness
2005David MurdochCraig WilsonNeil MurdochEuan ByersLockerbie
2006David MurdochEwan MacDonaldWarwick SmithEuan ByersLockerbie
2007Warwick SmithCraig WilsonDavid SmithRoss HepburnPerth
2008David MurdochGraeme ConnalPeter SmithEuan ByersLockerbie
2009David MurdochEwan MacDonaldPeter SmithEuan ByersLockerbie
2010Warwick SmithCraig WilsonDavid SmithRoss HepburnPerth
2011Tom BrewsterGreg DrummondScott AndrewsMichael GoodfellowAberdeen
2012Tom BrewsterGreg DrummondScott AndrewsMichael GoodfellowAberdeen
2013Tom BrewsterDavid MurdochGreg DrummondScott AndrewsAberdeen
2014Ewan MacDonaldDuncan FernieDavid ReidEuan ByersInverness
2015Ewan MacDonaldDuncan FernieRuairidh GreenwoodEuan ByersInverness
2016Tom BrewsterGlen MuirheadRoss PatersonHammy McMillan, Jr.Aberdeen
2017David MurdochGreg DrummondScott AndrewsMichael GoodfellowLockerbie
2018Bruce MouatGrant HardieBobby LammieHammy McMillan, Jr. Murrayfield
2019Bruce MouatGrant HardieBobby LammieHammy McMillan, Jr. Murrayfield

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