Scottish Libertarian Party

The Scottish Libertarian Party (Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Libeirtèireach na h-Alba, Scots: Scottis Libertarian Pairty) is a libertarian and Eurosceptic political party in Scotland.

Scottish Libertarian Party

Pàrtaidh Libeirtèireach na h-Alba
Scottish Libertarian Party
LeaderTam Laird[1]
Deputy LeaderStef Johnstone[1]
Headquarters14-18 East Shaw Street
KA1 4AN[2]
Classical liberalism
Laissez-faire capitalism
Scottish independence
International affiliationInternational Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Colours         Buff and Blue[4]
Scottish seats in the House of Commons
0 / 59
Scottish seats in the European Parliament
0 / 6
Scottish Parliament
0 / 129
Local government in Scotland
0 / 1,227


The party was first founded on 3 January 2012[5] under the leadership of author Daniel Logan-Scott.[6] The party was refused registration by the Electoral Commission due to naming similarities with the Libertarian Party UK. This was resolved when the Libertarian Party UK altered its registration to no longer stand candidates or run in elections in Scotland.[7] Despite organising various events, the party became inactive and stopped updating the blog.

After 3 years of inactivity, the Scottish Libertarian Party launched again in December 2015 under new leader Alan Findlay,[3] officially registering with the Electoral Commission in March 2016.[8]

In the 2016 Scottish Parliament election the party stood in the West Scotland,[9] Mid Scotland and Fife, North East Scotland[10] regions and the Edinburgh Central constituency.[11] The party received its highest percentage of votes in Edinburgh Central with 0.3%, or 119 votes. The party received 650 votes in Mid Scotland and Fife, 552 in North East Scotland and 480 in West Scotland, for a total of 1,805 votes in Scotland.[12][13][14][15]

In the 2019 general election the party fielded one candidate in the constituency Kilmarnock and Loudoun, getting 405 votes (0.9% of the votes cast).[16]


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