Scott Pape

Scott Pape (born 1978) is an author and radio commentator who lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is best known through his online persona, the Barefoot Investor, which is also the name of a business show he hosts.


Scott Pape grew up in Ouyen, Victoria, where he held odd jobs – once being paid by his father with a single BHP share.[1] He later attended La Trobe University, receiving his Bachelor of Business degree in 2001.

Pape writes a weekly syndicated column that appears in the Courier Mail, Herald Sun, Adelaide Advertiser, Hobart Mercury, Sunday Perth Times, Yahoo7 and Daily Telegraph. He is also a radio commentator for Triple M, and a regular contributor to ABC radio. In 2003 Scott presented a weekly finance show for young people on SYN Radio in Melbourne. In 2004, Pape wrote a book, The Barefoot Investor.[2] It has since been revised and is now sold throughout Europe. Pape has a business show bearing the same name The Barefoot Investor, which runs on CNBC.

He has most recently appeared as the financial expert on the SBS show The Nest. In April 2008, he was a participant in the Australia 2020 Summit. Pape was previously a regular guest on The 7pm Project.

Pape's book "Barefoot Investor for Families" was published on September 24, 2018.[3]

Barefoot Investor

The Barefoot Investor is the professional persona of Pape. He offers independent advice on personal money management, investing and gaining 'financial freedom' via his website,[4] public and media appearances and his subscription email service "The Barefoot Blueprint".[5]

TV Program

A CNBC produced program, The Barefoot Investor is a half hour show about finance, hosted by Pape. It is also broadcast on free to air television around Australia on Channel 10. The show was nominated for the ASTRA Awards 2010, both in the 'Best Lifestyle' and 'Best New Talent' categories.[6] The show has since been cancelled.


The Barefoot Investor: Five Steps to Financial Freedom is a best-selling book written by Pape. Since its release in November 2004[7] the book has been re-published and released throughout Europe, India, China and Russia. The book is now available in Mandarin.

In 2016, Scott has released a new book The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need which has become the best selling Finance Book in Australia.

In 2018, Pape also released a financial book aimed at children's finance titled The Barefoot Investor for Families - The only kids' money guide you'll ever need.

Newspaper Column

Pape writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column in News Ltd. papers around Australia on the topics of personal finance and wealth management. He has been writing these columns for five years.


The Barefoot Investor has a weekly spot on the Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast.[8] He also appears on ABC Radio's Nightlife program,[9] and appears on SYN Radio from time to time.


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