Scotland Club XV

The Scotland national Club XV rugby union team is one of several national rugby union teams behind the Scottish national side.

Scotland Club XV
UnionScottish Rugby Union
Coach(es)Rob Chrystie

The national Club XV takes the best players from club rugby in Scotland to form a side that regularly competes with a similar Ireland Club XV. The two teams play each other annually for the Dalriada Cup.

The Scotland Club XV side also regularly play with the similar England Counties XV since 2014.[1] The French also have a Club XV side named the France Federale which the Scotland Club XV have played.[2]


The Club XV international fixture began in 2006 when Scotland played their Irish Club XV counterparts in Donnybrook.[3]

The match was played on 10 March 2006.[4] Ireland Club XV won the match 30-13.[5]

It has since been relished by the amateur club players. Former Club XV player Rory McKay, previously of Glasgow Warriors, explained: "It gives club players something higher to aim for that previously wasn't there, while others may see it as a stepping stone to the pro game. A few years ago club players often felt they had hit a ceiling and couldn't go any further, but the thought of club international selection has upped the intensity."[3]



Scotland Club XV:[6]

Backs: 15 Mike Adamson (Glasgow Hawks); 14 Mark Robertson (Melrose); 13 Jamie Murray (Melrose); 12 Stewart Smith (Glasgow Hawks); 11 Rory Couper (Boroughmuir); 10 Murray Strang (Glasgow Hawks); 9 Calum Cusiter (Boroughmuir)
Forwards: 1 Bruce McNeil (Hawick); 2 Wayne Mitchell (Melrose); 3 Moray Low (Aberdeen GSFP); 4 Bruce MacFarlane (Stirling County); 5 Richard Maxton (Glasgow Hawks); 6 Tam McVie (Heriot's) CAPTAIN; 8 Andy Dunlop (Biggar); 7 Angus Martyn (Boroughmuir)
Replacements: 16 David Cunningham (Boroughmuir); 17 Elliott McLaren (Biggar);18 Sandy Warnock (Glasgow Hawks);19 A Jamie Murray (Melrose); 20 Alasdhair McFarlane (Ayr); 21 Steven Duffy (Glasgow Hawks); 22 Richard Borthwick (Stewart's-Melville FP)



Backs: James Thompson (Heriot's); Marc Teague (Heriot's), Graham Thomson (Dundee HSFP), John Houston (Heriot's), Rory Couper (Boroughmuir); Murray Strang (Glasgow Hawks), Alasdhair McFarlane (Ayr)
Forwards: Bruce McNeil (Hawick), Steve Lawrie (Watsonians), Richard Higgins (Melrose), Damien Kelly (Ayr), Andy Adam (Currie), Tam McVie (Heriot's) (capt), Angus Martyn (Boroughmuir), Ben Fisher (Boroughmuir).
Replacements: Andrew Kelly (GHA) for Higgins (57 mins), Mark Cairns (Currie) for Martyn (69), Cameron Goodall (Heriot's) for Thompson (72). Not used: Scott Burnett (Currie), Jeff Nicolson (Watsonians), Matt Coupar (Watsonians), Andrew Skeen (Watsonians).



Backs: Stephen Ruddick (Boroughmuir); Marc Teague (Heriot's), Graham Thomson (Dundee HSFP), Malcolm Clapperton (Boroughmuir), Rory Couper (Boroughmuir); Andrew Skeen (Watsonians), Richard Snedden (Currie)
Forwards: Bruce McNeil (Heriot's), Sean Crombie (Boroughmuir), Jon Welsh (GHA), Damien Kelly (Ayr), Andy Adam (Currie), Tam McVie (Heriot's) (capt), Ross Weston (Currie), Angus Martyn (Boroughmuir)
Replacements: Pat MacArthur (Ayr), Garry Mountford (Stirling County), Graeme Dodds (Melrose), George Oommen (Dundee HSFP), Greg Cottrell (Boroughmuir), Colin Goudie (Heriot's), Dougie Brown (Watsonians)



Backs: Fraser Harkness (Selkirk); James Fleming (Dundee), Malcolm Clapperton (Boroughmuir), James King (Melrose), Fraser Thomson (Melrose); Scott Wight (Melrose), Richard Sneddon (Currie)
Forwards: Gordon Reid (Ayr), Finlay Gillies (Heriot's), Alastair Hamilton (Currie), Damien Kelly (Ayr), Rory McKay (Glasgow Hawks), John Dalziel (Melrose) (capt), Mark Cairns (Currie), Ross Weston (Currie).
Replacements: Gregor Wood (Watsonians), Alan Dymock (Heriot's), Scott Sutherland (Ayr), Andrew Dunlop (Ayr), Graham Wilson (Heriot's), Andrew MacMahon (Currie), Cameron Fergus (Dundee).


Scotland Club XV squad against Ireland Club XV on 11 March 2011:[10]

Backs: Tom Brown (Currie); Fraser Thomson (Melrose), Ross Curle (Ayr), Dean Kelbrick (Glasgow Hawks), Dougie Fife (Currie); Scott Wight (Melrose), Richard Sneddon (Currie)
Forwards: Gordon Reid (Ayr), Eric Milligan (Glasgow Hawks), Bruce McNeil (Hawick), Damien Kelly (Ayr), Rory McKay (Glasgow Hawks), John Dalziel (Melrose) (capt), Rob Colhoun (Ayr), Ross Weston (Currie).
Replacements: Finlay Gillies (Currie), Alan Dymock (Heriot's), Nick Campbell (Glasgow Hawks), Andy Dunlop (Ayr), Andy Dymock (Dundee), Matt Scott (Currie), Harry Duthie (Dundee).


Scotland Club XV played against Ireland Club XV on 9 March 2012. The side was:[11]

Backs: Fraser Thomson (Melrose); C Anderson (Aberdeen Grammar), Ross Curle (Ayr), Dean Kelbrick (Glasgow Hawks), Dougie Fife (Currie); Lee Miller (Gala), A Black (Edinburgh Accies)
Forwards: J Cox (Currie), S Crombie (Boroughmuir) (capt), Alan Brown (Dundee HSFP), Scott Sutherland (Ayr), Rory McKay (Glasgow Hawks), G Dodds (Melrose), Rob Colhoun (Ayr), R Weston (Currie)
Replacements: G Holborn (Melrose) for Alan Brown, N Dymock (Dundee) for Cox, both 50mins, R Hawkins (Dundee) for Sutherland, A Rose (Boroughmuir) for Dodds, both 55, Fraser Brown (Heriot's) for Crombie, M Ward (Aberdeen Grammar) for Black, D Gilmour (Stirling County) for Kelbrick, all 65.

Against France Federale on 24 February 2012:[12][13]

Backs: Harkness, C. Anderson (Aberdeen Grammar), Ross Curle (Ayr), Dean Kelbrick (Glasgow Hawks), Fraser Thomson (Melrose), Lee Millar (Gala), Richard Snedden (Currie)
Forwards: Alan Dymock, S. Crombie (Boroughmuir), Alan Brown (Dundee HSFP), Rory McKay (Glasgow Hawks), Scott Sutherland (Ayr), G. Dodds (Melrose), R. Colhoun (Ayr), R. Weston (Currie)
Replacements: Fraser Brown, J. Cox (Currie), G. Holburn (Melrose), R. Hawkins (Dundee HSFP), A. Rose (Boroughmuir), M. Ward (Aberdeen Grammar), Edwards, Gilmour



Backs: Callum Anderson (Melrose), Ross Curle (Ayr), Jamie Forbes (Currie), Stuart Edwards (Stirling County), Danny Gilmour (Stirling County), Craig Gossman (Ayr), George Graham (Gala), Rory Hutton (Hawick), Dean Kelbrick (Ayr), Max Learmonth (Heriot's), Murray McConnell (Ayr), Lee Millar (Gala), Craig Robertson (Gala) Rory Steele (Watsonians) and Fraser Thomson (Melrose).
Forwards: Alex Allan (Edinburgh Accies), Fraser Brown (Heriot's), Kevin Bryce (Heriot's), Mark Cairns (Currie), Greg Campbell (Edinburgh Accies), Nick Cox (Ayr), Gary Graham (Gala), Jason Hill (Heriot's), Robin Hislop (Boroughmuir), Gary Holborn (Melrose), George Hunter (Ayr), Ewan McQuillin (Gala), Ross Miller (Melrose), Andrew Nagle (Melrose), Luke Pettie (Gala), Andy Redmayne (Dundee HSFP), Grant Runciman (Melrose), Scott Sutherland (Ayr), Jamie Swanson (Boroughmuir), Dan Teague (Edinburgh Accies) and Hamish Watson (Edinburgh Accies).


Scotland Club XV played the Scotland U20 side on 22 January 2014. The squad was:[15]

Backs: Nyle Godsmark (Edinburgh Accies), Erlend Oag (Aberdeen Grammar), Chris Auld (Gala), Ewan Scott (Gala), Grant Sommerville (Gala), Richard Mill (Melrose), Peter Jericevich (Ayr), Craig Gossman (Ayr), George Graham (Gala) and Greg Cottrell (Hawick).
Forwards: Alex Allan (Edinburgh Accies), Lindsey Gibson (Hawick), Ewan McQuillin (Gala), Murray Douglas (Heriot's), Russell Nimmo (Heriot's), Andrew Nagle (Melrose), Will Bordill (Stirling County), Jamie Swanson (Stirling County), George Hunter (Ayr), Fergus Scott (Ayr ), Nick Cox (Ayr), Callum Templeton (Ayr), Andy Redmayne (Glasgow Hawks) and Gary Graham (Gala).

Scotland Club XV played the France Federale side on 7 March 2014. They lost 3-30.[16]


The Scotland Club XV played their Irish counterparts on 5 Feb 2015. They won 23 -18.[17]

The team on that day was:

Backs: Fraser Thomson; Craig Gossman, Liam Steele, Ross Curle, Scott McLeod; Stuart Edwards, Graham Wilson;
Forwards: Nick Beavon, R Anderson, S Cessford, Russell Nimmo, Iain Moody, Jason Hill, Will Bordill, Ross Weston
Replacements: Fergus Scott for Anderson 56, Ewan McQuillin for Fagerson 50, Peter Eccles for Hill 75, Tommy Spinks for Weston 64, George Graham for Wilson 79

The Scotland Club XV played their English counterparts on 28 February 2015. They lost 3-37.[18]

The team on that day was:

Backs: 15 Fraser Thomson (Melrose), 14 Craig Gossman (Ayr), 13 Liam Steele (Heriot's), 12 Chris Auld (Gala), 11 Scott McLeod (Hawick), 10 Stuart Edwards (Heriot's), 9 Graham Wilson (Heriot's) VICE-CAPTAIN:
Forwards: 1 Nick Beavon (Melrose), 2 Fergus Scott (Ayr), 3 Ewan McQuillin (Melrose), 4 Russell Nimmo (Heriot's), 5 Iain Moody (Boroughmuir), 6 Jason Hill (Heriot's), 7 Peter Eccles (Melrose), 8 Ross Weston (Currie) CAPTAIN
Replacements: 16 Russell Anderson (Gala), 17 Fraser Watt (Ayr), 18 Shawn Muir (Hawick), 19 Malcolm Peacock (Currie), 20 George Graham (Gala), 21 Gregor McNeish (Heriot's), 22 Keith Buchan (Heriot's) (all replacements used)


Scotland Club XV:[19]

Backs: Fraser Thomson (Melrose); Sam Pecquer (Melrose), Ross Curle (Ayr) CAPTAIN, Brendan McGroarty (Glasgow Hawks), Jordan Edmunds (Boroughmuir); Lee Armstrong (Hawick), Paddy Boyer (Glasgow Hawks)
Forwards: George Hunter (Ayr), Ross Graham (Hawick), Nick Beavon (Melrose), Rob McAlpine (Ayr), Lewis Carmichael (Melrose), Jack Turley (Heriot's), Will Bordill (Ayr), Peter McCallum (Ayr)
Replacements: Michael Liness (Heriot's), Alistair Hamilton (Heriot's), Jamie Bhatti (Melrose), Russell Nimmo (Heriot's), Neil Irvine-Hess (Melrose), George Graham (Gala), Cameron Ferguson (Heriot's), Harvey Elms (Currie).


The Scotland Club XV played their English counterparts on 24 February 2017.[20]

The squad announced was:

Backs: 15. Fraser Thomson (Melrose), 14. Harvey Elms (Currie), 13. Ross Curle (Ayr), 12. George Taylor (Melrose), 11. Jordan Edmunds, (Boroughmuir), 10. Chris Laidlaw (Boroughmuir), 9. Murdo McAndrew (Melrose)
Forwards: 1. Steven Findlay (Glasgow Hawks), 2. Michael Liness (Heriot's), 3. Steven Longwell (Ayr), 4. Rob McAlpine (Ayr), 5. Callum Marshall (Heriot's), 6. Iain Moody (Melrose), 7. Grant Runciman (Melrose), 8. Peter McCallum CAPTAIN (Ayr)
Replacements: 16. Russell Anderson (Melrose), 17. Gary Strain (Glasgow Hawks), 18. John Cox (Currie), 19. Blair MacPherson (Ayr), 20. Will Bordill (Ayr), 21. David Armstrong (Ayr), 22. Robbie Nelson (Currie), 23. Kerr Gossman (Glasgow Hawks)


The Scotland Club XV played the Scotland U20 side on 23 January 2018.[21]

The squad announced was:

Backs: Jamie Forbes (Currie); Jordan Edmunds (Boroughmuir), Ross Curle (Stirling Co), Robbie Nelson (Currie), Craig Gossman (Ayr); Craig Jackson (Melrose), Charlie Shiel (Currie)
Forwards: Sean Muir (Hawick), Ross Graham (Watsonians), Steven Longwell (Ayr), Jack Turley (Heriots), Iain Moody (Melrose), Neil Irvine Hess (Melrose), Peter McCallum (Ayr), Grant Runciman (Melrose).
Replacements: Scott Bickerstaff (Marr), Murdo McAndrew (Melrose), David Armstrong (Ayr), N Fraser (Watsonians), Struan Cessford (Heriots), Johnny Matthews (Boroughmuir), Russell Anderson (Melrose), Hamish Bain (Currie), R Leishman (Stirling Co), Thomas Gordon (Currie), R Drummond (Watsonians)


The Scotland Club XV squad for 2019 was:[22]

Backs: Andrew Simmers (Heriot's), David Armstrong (Ayr), Murdo McAndrew (Melrose), Gregor Hunter (Currie), Frazier Climo (Ayr), Lee Armstrong (Hawick), Craig Jackson (Melrose), Robbie Nelson (Currie), Ewan McGarvie (Stirling), Danny McCluskey (Ayr), Craig Gossman (Boroughmuir), Fraser Thomson (Melrose), Jordan Edmonds (Boroughmuir), Kyle Rowe (Ayr), Ben Robbins (Currie), Jamie Forbes (Currie)
Forwards: Sean Muir (Hawick), Steven Longwell (Ayr), Struan Cessford (Heriot's), Ross Dunbar (Boroughmuir), Ross Graham (Watsonians), Russell Anderson (Melrose), Blair Macpherson (Ayr), Jamie Hodgson (Watsonians), Iain Moody (Melrose), Callum Aitkinson (Boroughmuir), Hamilton Burr (Stirling), Ruaridh Leishman (Heriot's), Grant Runciman (Melrose), Ian Wilson (Heriot's), Jack McLean (Heriot's), Neil Irvine-Hess (Melrose), Tommy Spinks (Ayr), Thomas Gordon (Currie).


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