Scipio the African

Scipio the African (Italian: Scipione detto anche l'Africano "Scipio, also called the African") is a 1971 Italian comedy film directed by Luigi Magni.[1]

Scipio the African
(Scipione detto anche l'Africano)
Film poster
Directed byLuigi Magni
Produced byUltra Film, Cinerama
Written byLuigi Magni
StarringMarcello Mastroianni
Music bySeverino Gazzelloni
CinematographyArturo Zavattini
Edited byRuggero Mastroianni
Amedeo Salfa
Release date
  • 1971 (1971)
Running time
114 minutes


Years after the Second Punic War, Scipio Africanus finds himself generally unliked, despite his defeat of Hannibal, many years earlier. He and his brother, Scipio Asiaticus, are accused by Marcus Porcius Cato of the theft of 500 talents intended for Rome. As his friends and loved ones abandon him, Scipio finds life after war not as easy as he thought it would be.



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