Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction

Scientific Research Institute Of Parachute Construction (Russian: НИИ парашютостроения) is a company based in Moscow, Russia. It is part of Technodinamika (Rostec group).[1]

Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction
Joint-stock company
ParentTechnodinamika (Rostec)

The Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction (NIIPS) is the primary organization for the research, design, development, and prototype production of all parachutes and parachute technology in Russia.[2]

NIIPS has played a major role in parachute design and development for the Russian Space Program, including recovery parachutes for Soyuz, Buran, and Energia booster rockets and the Progress return capsule.[2]

NIIPS also develops a variety of other products, including parachutes for both military and civilian applications, and equipment for the airline manufacturing and support industry.[2]


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