Scie (river)

The Scie (French pronunciation: [si]) is a river that flows from the plateau of the southern Pays de Caux in the Seine-Maritime département of Normandy into the English Channel.

The Scie at Dénestanville, looking upstream.
Native nameLa Scie  (French)
Physical characteristics
  locationPays de Caux
  elevation140 m (460 ft)
English Channel
49°55′5″N 1°1′54″E
Length37 km (23 mi)
Basin size217 km2 (84 sq mi)
  average1.8 m3/s (64 cu ft/s)

The river rises at Saint-Victor-l'Abbaye and passes through Auffay, Saint-Maclou-de-Folleville, Longueville-sur-Scie, Anneville-sur-Scie, Heugleville-sur-Scie, Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie and finally Hautot-sur-Mer.


In the past, the river was host to 43 watermills that powered machinery to process wheat, cotton, tannin and flax for linen.[1][2] Two mills still exist today, at Saint-Maclou-de-Folleville (the moulin of Arbalète) and at Auffay.[2] Today, the activities of the valley includes the production of apples and cider.

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