Schweiz aktuell

Schweiz aktuell (literally "Switzerland Today") is the title of a current affairs show on German-language Swiss public channel SRF 1. Started in 1981 as DRS aktuell, Schweiz aktuell has, since 1991, been broadcast from 19:00 to 19:25 from Monday to Friday on SRF 1 and repeated on SRF info.

Schweiz aktuell
Current affairs
Presented bySabine Dahinden Carrel
Oliver Bono
Michael Weinmann
Katharina Locher
Anna Maier[1]
Country of originSwitzerland
Original language(s)Swiss Standard German and Swiss German
Running time25 minutes
DistributorSchweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Original networkSRF 1, SRF info
Original release1991 (1991) 
Related shows10vor10, DOK, SRF Tagesschau

Background and contents

Schweiz aktuell reports daily and up to date on the major cantonal, regional and local issues and events, covering all parts of the country and showing Switzerland in all its diversity. In the choice of themes, editors pay attention regional diversity, i.e. regional news and stories that are significant and are of national interest. In addition to the usual news forms, the broadcast includes live reports and interviews, usually in Swiss German, with domestic correspondents using distinctive style to provide cohesion between the Swiss linguistic regions and to strengthen the cultural values of the country.[2]

The features are produced daily, focus on regional stories and special events; for instance, in August 2014 a historical documentary television series focussed on a fictional family and their weaving company, living in summer 1914 in the Tösstal valley, or a documentary of the cadet's life in a Swiss police academy in October 2014, or background information about the Wauwilermoos internment camp during World War II.[3][4]

Just a handful of Swiss television programs of the national Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF broadcast in Swiss German instead of the Swiss Standard German language, among them Schweiz aktuell, and partially 10vor10, but just in live interviews.


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