Schramberg is a town in the district of Rottweil, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated in the eastern Black Forest, 25 km northwest of Rottweil. With all of its districts (Talstadt, Sulgen, Waldmössingen, Heiligenbronn, Schönbronn and Tennenbronn (since 2006)), it has about 22,000 inhabitants.


Coat of arms
Location of Schramberg within Rottweil district
Coordinates: 48°13′37″N 08°23′03″E
Admin. regionFreiburg
SubdivisionsTown centre plus three districts
  Lord MayorThomas Herzog
  Total80.70 km2 (31.16 sq mi)
424 m (1,391 ft)
  Density260/km2 (680/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
78142-44, 78701–13
Dialling codes07422
Vehicle registrationRW

One of the streams flowing through the Schramberg valley is the Schiltach. The "Bach na Fahrt", a traditional raft race held on Carnival Monday, is known far and wide and attracts up to 30,000 spectators each year.[2]

Nearby towns and municipalities

The following towns and municipalities border Schramberg:

Lauterbach, Schiltach, Aichhalden, Fluorn-Winzeln, Oberndorf am Neckar, Bösingen, Dunningen, Eschbronn, Hardt, Königsfeld im Schwarzwald, Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald, Triberg im Schwarzwald (Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis) and Hornberg (Ortenaukreis).

Geography, communication and transportation


Schramberg was the terminus of the Schiltach-Schramberg railway, which was formerly an important railway line for freight traffic. The line existed from 18921990.


The origins of Schramberg date back to the year 1293, when the locality was first described as "Schrammenberg" ("wounded" or "scarfed hill"). From 1643 Schramberg was the centre of the Herrschaft Schramberg, belonging to Further Austria until 1805. From 1805 Schramberg was part of the Kingdom of Württemberg.


Schramberg has a Gymnasium, a Realschule, a special school, two elementary schools and three combinations of elementary school and Hauptschule. Additionally there are a vocational school with Berufskolleg, a nursing school, a school for intellectually disabled people and a school for the blind and disabled.

Town twinning


As with many other black forest communities, industrialisation began in Schramberg in the 19th century. The first manufacturers produced stoneware, straw goods and enamel.

In 1861 the Junghans clock factory was founded in Schramberg. At the beginning of the 20th century Junghans became the biggest clock factory worldwide with 3000 employees. Many suppliers, such as spring producers, established their companies in the surroundings of Junghans. Although Junghans is now much smaller, it continues to produce innovative clocks and watches today.

In recent years, companies such as "Kern-Liebers", "Trumpf" and the PCB producer "Schweizer" employ many of Schramberg's inhabitants and commuters from nearby communities.

Notable people from Schramberg

Notable natives

  • Bernhard Heine (1800–1846), physician and bone expert
  • Erhard Junghans d. J. (1849), Kommerzienrat,
  • Arthur Junghans (1852), Geheimer Kommerzienrat
  • Josef Andre (1879–1950), politician (ZENTRUM, CDU), MdR, MdL (Württemberg, Württemberg-Baden),
  • Otto Ernst Schweizer (1890–1965), Architect
  • Georg Knöpfle (1904–1987), football star (soccer),
  • Vinzenz Erath (1906–1976), writer
  • Rosalinde Haas (1932–), organist
  • Martin Herzog (* 1936), politician
  • Dizzy Krisch (* 1954), jazz musician
  • Martin Weppler (* 1958), sportsman
  • Martina Pfaff (* 1963), artist
  • Uta-Maria Heim (* 1963), writer and artist
  • Gitta Saxx (* 1965), German Playmate of the century
  • Kerstin Andreae (* 1968), politician
  • Daniel Roth (* 1969), artist
  • Myriam Krüger (* 1989), female football star SC Freiburg
  • Dieter Borst (* 1950), artist
  • Max Maldacker (+ 1955), German diplomat

Other notable people linked to Schramberg

  • Erhard Junghans d. Ä., * 1823 in Zell am Harmersbach, founder of the Junghans watch and clock company.
  • Augustinus Hieber, * 1886 was a chaplain in Schramberg.
  • Eva Zeisel, * 1906 was a designer in the Schramberger Majolika.
  • Ernest Majo, * 1916 artist.
  • Julius Viel, * 1918 - 2002 Untersturmführer of the Waffen-SS, who was sentenced in 2001 to 12 years of prison for war crimes, and had been the local chief of the Schwäbischen Zeitung newspaper in Schramberg.
  • Martin Grüner, * 1929 FDP politician who grew up in Schramberg.
  • Elfriede Wendel, * 1934 - 2005 local SPD politician and Suffragette.
  • Evelyne Marie France Neff, * 1941 local and regional SPD politician and Suffragette, who lived for a long time in Schramberg (1967–2006). In 2003 she received the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande for her political work.
  • Bernd Richter, * 1943 founder of the ödp, and its president from 1993–1995, lives in Schramberg.
  • Christophe Neff, * 1964 the geographer passed his childhood and youth in Schramberg. As scientist he does some scientific research in the Raumschaft Schramberg, including experiments on controlled wildfire.



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