School and university in literature

Educational settings as place and/or subject in fiction form the theme of this catalogue of titles and authors. Organized alphabetically by the author's last name, the information is further divided by general school environments and those where the university, specifically, is the locale. The list spans centuries and geographical boundaries, featuring Charlotte Brontë, Agatha Christie and Honoré de Balzac as well as contemporary writers Curtis Sittenfeld, Joyce Carol Oates and Donna Tartt. For those interested in learning more about the school/university in literature, references are included that provide a more academic study of the subgenre.

School in literature

University in literature

Further reading

  • Elaine Showalter: Faculty Towers: The Academic Novel and Its Discontents (Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania, 2005) (a study of the Anglo-American academic novel from the 1950s to the present).


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