Schola Cantorum (Italian vocal group)

Schola Cantorum was an Italian vocal group, active between 1974 and 1980. They briefly reformed in 1995 and 2010.


The group was formed in 1974 by Ennio Melis, a producer at the record label RCA Italiana in Rome. Melis had signed many talented singers over the years, and conceived the band as a launching pad for all of them. After hiring arrangers Sergio Rendine, Paolo Dossena and Marco Luberti, the band recorded their first album, Coromagia, in 1975.[1] After taking part to the RAI musical variety Senza Rete, they got their first hit with the song "Le tre campane", a cover version of "Les trois cloches" which peaked 7th on the Italian hit parade.[1][2] In 1978 Aldo Donati and Edoardo De Angelis decided to leave the group and started successful solo careers. Following a long period on hiatus,[1][3] Schola Cantorum reformed in 1995 with a different line-up, first renaming themselves as Nova Schola Cantorum and later reprising their original name.[3]


  • Enrico "Kiko" Fusco (1974–95)
  • Edoardo De Angelis (1974–78)
  • Aldo Donati (1974–78)
  • Eddy Viola (1974–95)
  • Luisella Mantovani (1974–95)
  • Gianna Giovannini (1974–95)
  • Marina Arcangeli (1974–86)
  • Mimi "Merrill" Gates (1974–86)
  • Annie Robert (1974–80)
  • Alberto Cheli (1978–95)
  • Stefania La Fauci (1993–95)


  • 1975 – Coromagia (RCA Italiana TPL 1–1108)
  • 1975 – Le tre campane (RCA Italiana TPL 1–1182)
  • 1976 – Coromagia vol. 2 (RCA Italiana TPL 1–1217)
  • 1979 – Il mondo in tasca (RCA Italiana PL-31454)
  • 1995 – Schola Cantorum (BMG, 8027428000377)
  • 2010 – Ora (Helikonia)


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