Schneekloths Skole

Schneekloths Skole was a school which under changing names existed between 1854 and 1992 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its former premises on Værnedamsvej in Frederiksberg now houses the French-language school Lycée Français Prins Henrik.


The school was founded by Hans Schneekloth on 2 May 1854 as "Realskolen for Frederiksberg og Vesterbro". It was initially based on Vesterbrogade but a new, purpose-built school building on Værnedamsvej (No. 13B) was inaugurated in 1856. It was soon expanded with a grammar school whose first students graduated in 1863. The name of the school was changed to "Schneekloths Latin- og Realskole" in 1882. It moved to a new building away from the street on the same lot (Mo. 13A) in 1885.[1] Its old building (No. 13B) was purchased by Aksel Mikkelsen and turned into a teacher training college under the name Dansk Sløjdlærerskole in 1886.[2]

In 1904 Schneekloths Skole was merged with Hertz' Forberedelsesskole (formerly Phillippavej Skole) under the name "Schneekloths Latin- og Realskole og Hertz forberedelsesskole".

On 1 August 1919 the grammar school (latin- og realskolen) was taken over by the state under the name Svanholm Gymnasium-Schneekloths Skole while the primary school remained a private school. In 1930 the name of the secondary school was changed to Statsgymnasiet Schneekloths Skole. The school was a boys' school until 1969 when it moved to Brøndbyerne. Im 1986, it was taken over by Copenhagen County under the name Schneekloths Gymnasium. It closed in 1992.


  • 1860s: Jacob Marstrand, politician and mayor (preliminary exam)
  • 1870s: Georg Achen, painter (preliminary exam)
  • 1871: Waldemar Dreyer, physician and writer
  • 1871: Christopher Zytphen-Adeler, baron and archivist
  • 1874: Christopher Knuth, cpit and land owner
  • 1876: John Vilhelm Duurloo, physician and politician
  • 1884: Frederik Borgbjerg, politician
  • 1885: Gustav Hetsch, music critic
  • 1890: Axel Edzard Ernest Danneskiold-Samsøe, count and officer
  • 1891: Troels G. Jørgensen, Supreme Court President
  • 1894: Johannes Schmidt, scientist
  • 1899: Harald Giersing, painter
  • 1900: Peder Gram, composer
  • 1904: Axel Linvald, historian and National Archivist
  • 1909: Ejnar Wærum, diplomat
  • 1912: Aage Morville, educator
  • 1912: Svend Aakjær, National Archivist
  • 1913: Poul Brandt Rehberg, physicist
  • 1914: Ib Lunding, architect
  • 1916: E.L.P.C. von Kauffmann, bank manager
  • 1916: Knud Frederik Plesner, literary historian
  • 1917: Vilhelm Groth-Hansen, architect
  • 1918: Peter Jerndorff-Jessen Jr., writer
  • 1920: Frederik Fabricius-Bjerre, mathematician
  • 1920: Jens Peter Larsen, music researcher
  • 1925: Bjørn Møller, piano manufacturer
  • 1930:audiPoul Kjærgaard, professor Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole
  • 1933: Gunnar Andreasen, engineer
  • 1933: Aage Aagesen, geographer
  • 1934: Hagen Hagensen, jurist and politician
  • 1937: Tage Voss, physician
  • 1945: Frank Jæger, poet
  • 1946: Isi Foighel, politician and Minister of Justice
  • 1965: Keld Heick, musician
  • 1976: Lars Barfoed, politician
  • Michael Laudrup, footballer
  • Brian Laudrup, footballer


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