Schladming Tauern

The Schladming Tauern[1][2] (German: Schladminger Tauern) are a subrange of the Austrian Central Alps within the Eastern Alps. Together with the Radstadt Tauern, the Rottenmann and Wölz Tauern and the Seckau Tauern the Schladming Tauern form the major range known as the Low Tauern. The mountains are located in Austria in the federal states of Salzburg and Styria. Its highest peak, at 2,862 m is the Hochgolling.

Schladming Tauern
The Preber
Highest point
Elevation2,862 m above sea level (AA)
Range coordinates47°16′00″N 13°45′42″E


The Schladming Tauern are located in the middle of the Low Tauern between the Sölk Pass in the east and the top of the Tauern Pass in the west. The name comes from the town of Schladming in the Enns valley.

Neighbouring ranges

The Schladming Tauern border on the following other mountain ranges of the Alps:


The Schladming Tauern are divided into six subgroups which are (from west to east), the:


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