Scanner (software)

Scanner is a disk space analyzing and management tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It displays the disk space usage of any drive or directory in the form of a multilevel pie chart which can be navigated up and down through the directory tree. When the mouse cursor is placed above a pie the program displays which directory the pie represents, how many files it contains and the overall disk space occupied by it. A context menu allows users to open the directory inside the Windows Explorer, hide and un-hide it from the diagram as well as deleting the pie from the disk either via the Recycle Bin or permanently.

Scanner (Software)
Developer(s)Steffen Gerlach
Initial releaseMarch 14, 1999 (1999-03-14)
Stable release
2.13 / July 12, 2012 (2012-07-12)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypeDisk space analyzer

Initially released in 1999, it is an early example of the sunburst method of visualising disk usage and inspired the KDE package Filelight.[1]


  1. Excerpt from source code of Filelight acknowledging inspiration of Scanner.
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