Sazak assault

The Sazak assault was an ambush carried out in 1997, in the Sazak neighbourhood of Reşadiye, in Turkey's Tokat Province. Four Turkish soldiers were killed in the ambush and although no group immediately claimed responsibility, the attack was later revealed to have been a joint operation by three Communist guerrilla groups: the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Turkish Revolutionary People's Liberation Party–Front and Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist.[1]

Sazak assault
Part of Kurdish–Turkish conflict
Result Ambush successful, insurgents manage to escape


Casualties and losses
4 killed[1] 0

The soldiers were returning to their outpost after a patrol and had only 1.3 kilometers left to travel when they were ambushed by a joint force of Kurdish PKK and Turkish DHKP/C and TKP-ML insurgents. Four soldiers were killed in the ambush and due to the heavy fog, all insurgents managed to escape.[2]

That same year period the PKK and DHKP/C were also involved in a joint attack on a local flour factory in Tokat, which killed 3 Turkish officials.[3] Twelve years later, a similar attack was carried out in the same area, which left 7 soldiers dead[1] and 3 injured.[4]

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