Saxon IX V

The Saxon Class IX Vs were German, eight-coupled, tender locomotives built for the Royal Saxon State Railways (Königlich Sächsische Staatseisenbahnen) for goods train duties.

Saxon IX V, IX H V
DRG Class 56.5–6
Wheel arrangement2-8-0
Axle arrangement1’D n2v
Length over buffers17,514 mm (57 ft 5.5 in)
Ø Driving wheel1,260 mm (4 ft 2 in)
Ø Leading wheel1,065 mm (3 ft 5.9 in)
Indicated power1,300 PSi
Top speed50 km/h (31 mph)
Boiler overpressure137.3 N/cm²
Cylinder bore530 mm (21 in) and 770 mm (30 in)
Piston stroke630 mm (25 in)
Grate area3.17 m2 (34.1 sq ft)
Evaporative heating area180.56 m2 (1,943.5 sq ft)
Superheater area-
Axle load147.1 kN
Adhesive weight588.4 kN
Service weight706.1 kN


These steam locomotives were brought into service, after it was clear that the Saxon Class I V (later DRG Class 55) could no longer the demands placed on it. The locomotive had a hollow, Klien-Lindner axle at the back and, initially, a long steam collection pipe above the centre of the boiler which was replaced on later models by two steam domes and a connecting pipe. Twenty machines were delivered by the firm of Hartmann as wet steam engines, a further 30 with a Schmidt smoke tube superheater.

The Deutsche Reichsbahn took over 16 of the first series and gave them the running numbers 56 501–56 516. Of the second batch, 25 were taken on with numbers 56 601–56 625.

The vehicle were coupled with tenders of Saxon classes sä 3 T 9, sä 3 T 12 or sä 3 T 13.

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