Sava Bohinjka

The Sava Bohinjka is a headwater of the Sava River in northwestern Slovenia. At 41 kilometres (25 mi) in length,[1] it is the shorter of the two headwaters that become the Sava River in Radovljica, the other being the 45 km (28 mi)-long Sava Dolinka.

Sava Bohinjka
Physical characteristics
46.3442°N 14.1553°E / 46.3442; 14.1553
Length41 km (25 mi) [1]
Basin size388 km2 (150 sq mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionSavaDanubeBlack Sea


The Sava Bohinjka originates under the Komarča Crag at an elevation of 805 m (2,641 ft), from springs fed by the Triglav Lakes Valley. Until it reaches Lake Bohinj, the river is known as the Savica ('little Sava'), and features the 60 m (200 ft)-high Savica Falls (Slovene: slap Savica) at its source.[2] It then flows through the Ukanc Gorge, where the 3 MW Savica power plant is located, before flowing into Lake Bohinj, where it creates a small delta. It flows from Lake Bohinj as the Sava Bohinjka through Bohinjska Bistrica, Bohinjska Bela, and close to Lake Bled, before meeting the Sava Dolinka near Radovljica.


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