Saul Elkins

Saul Elkins (June 29, 1907 in New York, New York May 9, 2001 in Henderson, Nevada[1]) was an American writer, producer and director in the film industry.

Saul Elkins
Born(1907-06-29)June 29, 1907
New York, New York, US
DiedMay 9, 2001(2001-05-09) (aged 93)
Henderson, Nevada, US
OccupationWriter, producer, director
Spouse(s)Marguerite Elkins (Murphy)

Saul was the eldest of three sons of East European Jewish immigrant tailors.[2] He was the brother of BBC, Newsweek and CBS journalist/broadcaster Michael Elkins.[2] He directed 11 short films between 1944 and 1949, produced 14 movies between 1948 and 1951 and wrote the screenplay for 24 films between 1936 and 1950.


Date Title Role Series Film Notes
1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes Writer N/A Feat. Original screenplay
1936 Charlie Chan at the Race Track Writer N/A Feat. From a story by
1936 Star for a Night Writer N/A Feat.
1936 Under Your Spell Writer N/A Feat. Screenplay
1937 That I May Live Writer N/A Feat. Contract writer    [uncredited]
1938 Women in Prison Writer N/A Feat. Screenplay
1938 Tarnished Angel Writer N/A Feat. Adaptation/story
1939 Off the Record Writer N/A Feat. Original story
1939 Pride of the Navy Writer N/A Feat. Screenplay
1940 Spills for Thrills Writer Broadway Brevities Short Script    [uncredited]
1943 Good Old Corn Writer Broadway Brevities Short
1944 Our Frontier in Italy Director Broadway Brevities Short
1945 America the Beautiful Writer Technicolor Specials Short
1945 Star in the Night Writer Broadway Brevities Short Screenplay
1945 Story of a Dog Writer Vitaphone Varieties Short Narration
1945 Hitler Lives Writer Broadway Brevities Short
1945 Hawaiian Memories Writer Technicolor Specials Short
1946 Smart as a Fox Writer Vitaphone Varieties Short Narration
1946 Beach Days Writer Sports Parade Short
1946 Men of Tomorrow Director Technicolor Specials Short
1946 All Aboard Writer Technicolor Adventure Short
1946 A Boy and His Dog Writer Technicolor Special Short Screenplay
1947 Battle of the Champs Writer Sports Parade Short Narration
1947 Vaudeville Revue Director Melody Masters Short
1947 Tennis Town Director Sports Parade Short
1947 A Day at the Fair Director Technicolor Special Short
1947 King of the Carnival Director Technicolor Special Short
1947 Power Behind the Nation Writer Technicolor Special Short
1947 Soap Box Derby Director Technicolor Special Short
1948 Celebration Days Director Technicolor Special Short
1948 Fighting Athletes Director Sports Parade Short
1948 Calgary Stampede Director Technicolor Special Short
1948 The Big Punch Producer N/A Feat.
1948 Embraceable You Producer N/A Feat.
1948 Smart Girls Don't Talk Producer N/A Feat.
1949 Circus Town Writer Technicolor Adventure Short
1949 Flaxy Martin Producer N/A Feat.
1949 Homicide Producer N/A Feat.
1949 The Younger Brothers Producer N/A Feat.
1949 One Last Fling Producer N/A Feat.
1949 Water Wizards Director Sports Parade Short
1949 The House Across the Street Producer N/A Feat.
1950 The Grass Is Always Greener Writer Broadway Brevities Short Screenplay
1950 Barricade Producer N/A Feat.
1950 Colt .45 Producer N/A Feat.
1950 This Side of The Law Producer N/A Feat.
1950 Return of the Frontiersman Producer N/A Feat.
1951 Ratón Pass Producer N/A Feat.
1951 Sugarfoot Producer N/A Feat.


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