Satu Repo

Satu Repo is a Canadian writer, educator, and sociology professor. She is of Finnish-Canadian descent.

Satu Repo
Scientific career
FieldsSociology, Education, Politics

Helped found This Magazine Is About Schools in 1966

In 1966 Repo, George Martell, Bob Davis founded "This Magazine Is About Schools".[1][2] In its initial years the magazine's articles were devoted to both education and politics. After several years the magazine changed its name to simply "This Magazine", and changed its focus to politics alone. It has been called "The most important source of early writing on Canadian alternative education."

In 1971 Repo edited a 457-page anthology of articles from the magazines first four years.[3][4]

Helped found Everdale Place

Repo and George Martell were among the founders of Everdale a rural, residential "free school".[1]



Repo and George Martell raised several daughters, including Canadian actress Liisa Repo-Martell.

Satu Repo is the niece of Finnish journalist Eino S. Repo.


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