Saskatoon Rage

The Saskatoon Rage were a Tier-II Junior "A" team based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They used to play out of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

Minot Americans 1987 - 1994
Minot Top Guns 1994- 1997
Beardy's Rage 1997 - 1998
Saskatoon Rage 1998 - 1999


The Rage originated in 1987 in the American town of Minot, North Dakota. The team was never all that successful, and was sold to interested parties at the Beardy's 97, Saskatchewan aboriginal reserve in 1997. That arrangement lasted one season, as the team became the Saskatoon Rage in 1998 and played their home games at Harold Latrace Arena. The team folded after one season in Saskatoon.

Season-by-season standings

1987-886020355-246310459th SJHL
1988-896432302-305328663rd SJHL South
1989-906825394-259334545th SJHL SouthDNQ
1990-916813523-219378296th SJHL SouthDNQ
1991-926421403-218317456th SJHL SouthDNQ
1992-936415445-228357356th SJHL SouthDNQ
1993-946812497-193318317th SJHL SouthDNQ
1994-956424355-264287536th SJHL SouthDNQ
1995-966419396-231304446th SJHL SouthDNQ
1996-976424337-219265554th SJHL SouthLost Quarter-final
1997-986418433-185309397th SJHL NorthDNQ
1998-99669552-176362207th SJHL SouthDNQ


  • 1988 DNQ
  • 1989 Lost Quarter-final
Notre Dame Hounds defeated Minot Americans 4-games-to-2
  • 1990 DNQ
  • 1991 DNQ
  • 1992 DNQ
  • 1993 DNQ
  • 1994 DNQ
  • 1995 DNQ
  • 1996 DNQ
  • 1997 Lost Preliminary
Estevan Bruins defeated Minot Top Guns 2-games-to-none
  • 1998 DNQ
  • 1999 DNQ
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