Sandro Ghiani

Sandro Ghiani (born 12 August 1952) is an Italian film, stage and television actor.

Sandro Ghiani
Born (1952-08-12) 12 August 1952
Carbonia, Italy

Life and career

Born in Carbonia, Sardinia, the son of a postal clerk, Ghiani studied in a seminary, the Institute of Don Orione in Tortona in Piedmont, where, with the first performances at amateur level, he discovered his passion for acting.[1] He then moved to Rome, to pursue a career as a professional actor.[1] Ghiani was mostly active in comedic character roles, often characterized by a strong Sardinian diction.[1] In 2009 Ghiani debuted as a writer with the novel L'angelo della porta accanto, which he wrote together with Susanna Trossero.[2]

Selected filmography


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