San Francisco South of Market Leather History Alley

The San Francisco South of Market Leather History Alley consists of four works of art along the Ringold Street alley in San Francisco's SOMA district honoring leather culture; it opened in 2017.[1][2][3]

Collectively titled Leather Memoir, the artworks, mainly created by landscape architect Jeffrey Miller, are:[1]

  • A black granite stone etched with a narrative by Gayle Rubin, an image of the "Leather David" statue by Mike Caffee, and a reproduction of Chuck Arnett’s mural in a former leather bar
  • Engraved standing stones that honor community leather institutions including the Folsom Street Fair,
  • Leather pride flag pavement markings through which the stones emerge, and
  • Bronze bootprints along the curb honoring 28 individuals who were an important part of the leather communities of San Francisco:[2]
    • Jim Kane (community leader and biker)
    • Ron Johnson
    • Steve McEachern (owner of the Catacombs, a gay and lesbian S/M fisting club)
    • Cynthia Slater (a founder of the Society of Janus)
    • Tony Tavarossi (manager of the Why Not)
    • Chuck Arnett
    • Jack Haines (Fe-Be's and The Slot owner)
    • Alexis Muir (a trans woman who owned South of Market bars and baths)
    • Sam Steward
    • Terry Thompson (SF Eagle manager)
    • Philip M. Turner (founder of Daddy's Bar)
    • Hank Diethelm (The Brig owner)
    • Kerry Brown, Ken Ferguson, and David Delay (Ambush co-owners)
    • Alan Selby (founder of the store Mr. S Leather and known as the "Mayor of Folsom Street")
    • Peter Hartman (owner of 544 Natoma art gallery and theater)
    • Robert Opel
    • Anthony F. (Tony) DeBlase (creator of the leather pride flag)
    • Marcus Hernandez (Bay Area Reporter leather columnist)
    • John Embry (founder and publisher of Drummer magazine)
    • Geoff Mains (author of Urban Aboriginals)
    • Mark Thompson (author and cofounder of Black Leather Wings)
    • Thom Gunn
    • Paul Mariah (poet, printer and activist)
    • Robert Davolt (author and organizer of San Francisco Pride leather contingent)
    • Jim Meko (printer and South of Market activist)
    • Alexis Sorel (co-founder of The 15 and member of Black Leather Wings)
    • Bert Herman (author and publisher, leader of handball community)
    • T. Michael "Lurch" Sutton (biker and co-founder of the Bears of SF)


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