San Francisco Soccer Football League

The San Francisco Soccer Football League or SFSFL, established in 1902, is "the oldest American soccer league in continuous existence."[1][2]

San Francisco Soccer Football League
Founded1902 (1902)
Country United States
(North American Football Union)
Number of teams31
Level on pyramid5
Domestic cup(s)U.S. Open Cup
International cup(s)CONCACAF Champions League

The SFSFL is a men's semi-professional and amateur soccer league consisting of teams from San Francisco, California and surrounding cities in the Bay Area. The SFSFL is affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association region IV California Soccer Association-North[3] and regularly sends teams to the National Amateur Cup.[4] The league is on the fifth tier of the American soccer pyramid and features its own promotion-relegation system between 3 divisions. SFSFL teams have won the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup four times.[5][6]


Established in 1902 as the California Football Association, the SFSFL is the oldest soccer league continuously operating in the United States,[7] pre-dating even the 1913 foundation of the United States Soccer Federation. The next-oldest U.S. leagues, the Cosmopolitan Soccer League of New York City and the National Soccer League of Chicago, were formed in 1923 and 1938, respectively. With several community leaders and soccer enthusiasts, alike, they created football (soccer) clubs, such as: Pickwicks, Pastimes, Barbarians, Hornets, Vampires, American Rifles, Independents, Albion Rovers and the Thistles FC. These clubs help lay the foundation for organized adult soccer which led to the inception of the SFSFL. Teams played soccer matches on Sundays, competing with teams as far north as Sacramento when transportation was only by ferry-boat. Over time, the SFSFL helped launch the California Soccer Association and would compete in the first California State Cup in 1904. Dominating the national soccer scene from the earliest days, SFSFL teams have won four Lamar Hunt US Open Cup; numerous state and national titles; to hosting and playing international matches in the historic Kezar Stadium. The SFSFL would be known across the country, producing memorable clubs, players, personalities, all-star games and national champions. SFSFL members have been inducted into both the US Soccer and CSAN Halls of Fame for contributing to the game.

Some of the league's earliest teams still in operation are:


The league currently has three divisions, playing from March through November. Premier Division games are played at Boxer Stadium. Other divisions split games between Crocker Amazon Park, West Sunset, Beach Chalet, and the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park.

Each team is individually owned and team owners approve new team membership. Annual divisional promotion and relegation occur keeping teams competitive. Division winners are awarded a permanent trophy with teams' names placed on the century-old trophy as well as awarded prize money. Players are granted amateur status preserving NCAA eligibility.[11] Standard FIFA games laws are used.[12] Teams are allowed 22 roster players of which 17 can play on game day. A three-referee crew are assigned to each match. Elite officials from FIFA to state level travel across California to officiate in the SFSFL.

2018 Team List

This is a list of the participants in the last season:[13]

Premier Division

Majors Division

  • San Francisco Metropolitan FC
  • Azteca FC
  • Berenice SC
  • Club Marin Reserves
  • Deportivo Cometa
  • FC Dirty Birds
  • Indy Athletic FC
  • Innisfree FC
  • MCFC
  • Melchester Rovers FC
  • Oakland Leopards FC
  • Olympic Club Reserves
  • San Francisco Battery FC
  • San Francisco Glens Reserves
  • Total Football FC

First Division

  • The Big Green
  • DZ United
  • Juventus F.C.
  • San Francisco Fog
  • Sport Alianza FC
  • Tornado


Season Premier Champion Majors Division Champion First Division Champion
1953 Greek-American A.C.
1958 Greek-American A.C.
1961 Greek-American A.C.
1967 Greek-American A.C.
1969 Greek-American A.C.
1970 Greek-American A.C.
1971 Greek-American A.C.
1973 Greek-American A.C.
1978 Greek-American A.C. San Francisco Glens
1979 San Francisco Glens
1981 Greek-American A.C.
1983 Greek-American A.C.
1984 San Francisco Glens
1985 Greek-American A.C.
1986 Greek-American A.C.
1987 Greek-American A.C.
1988 Greek-American A.C.
1989 Greek-American A.C.
1990 San Francisco Glens
1991 Greek-American A.C.
1992 El Farolito Soccer Club
1993 El Farolito Soccer Club
1994 Greek-American A.C.
1995 Greek-American A.C.
1996 El Farolito Soccer Club
1999 El Farolito Soccer Club
2001 El Farolito Soccer Club San Francisco Glens
2003 El Farolito Soccer Club
2011 Deportivo GIMS SF Celtic SF City FC
2012 Mezcala SC Tyneside FC Berenice Reserves
2013 Mezcala SC Bay City Rovers Kezar FC
2014 Olympic Club Olympic Club Reserves SF Battery
2015 El Farolito SF City FC Black Primero de Mayo
2016 Olympic Club[14] Berenice Total Football FC
2017 El Farolito Soccer Club SF Celtic SC Innisfree FC
2018 Olympic Club SF Battery FC SF Metropolitan FC
2019 Olympic Club SF Metropolitan FC Cantalao-Peru

Notable Members

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Champions:

National Amateur Cup Finalists:

National Soccer Hall of Fame members:[15][16]

United States men's national soccer team coach Lothar Osiander[17]

United States men's national soccer team capped players:[18]

Major League Soccer players:


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