San Emigdio Mountains

The San Emigdio Mountains are a part of the Transverse Ranges in Southern California, extending from Interstate 5 at Lebec and Gorman on the east to Highway 33–166 on the west. They link the Tehachapis and Temblor Range and form the southern wall of the San Joaquin Valley. The range is named after Emygdius, an early Christian martyr.

San Emigdio Mountains
Mt. Pinos at top right
Highest point
PeakSan Emigdio Mountain
Elevation7,492 ft (2,284 m)
Coordinates34°52′23.912″N 119°10′44.394″W
San Emigdio Mountains
Location of San Emigdio Mountains in California [1]
CountryUnited States
Parent rangeTransverse Ranges
Borders onTehachapi Mountains and Temblor Range


The range is within Kern County. The highest point is Frazier Mountain at 8,017 feet (2,444 m). As with most of the Transverse Ranges, the mountains generally lie in an east-west direction.

Towns or settlements near the San Emigdio Mountains include Frazier Park, Lake of the Woods, and Pine Mountain Club.

Highest peaks

  1. San Emigdio Mountain 7,492 ft (2,284 m)[2]
  2. Tecuya Mountain 7,160+ ft (2,182+ m)[3]
  3. Escapula Peak 7,080+ ft (2,158+ m)[4]
  4. Brush Mountain 7,048 ft (2,148 m)[5]
  5. Antimony Peak 6,848 ft (2,087 m)[6]
  6. Eagle Rest Peak 6,005 ft (1,830 m)[7]

Adjacent ranges

Adjacent Transverse Ranges, with their wildlife corridors, include:

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