San Diego Nomads

The San Diego Nomads is a U.S. soccer team in San Diego, California.


The Nomads added a senior team the Western Soccer Alliance in 1986. In 1989, the WSA changed its name to the Western Soccer League and in 1990, the team joined the American Professional Soccer League. In 1990 the WSL merged with the American Soccer League. After winning the WSL championship in 1989, they lost to the Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the ASL in the 1989 National Pro Soccer Championship. After the 1990 season, the Nomads Club relinquished its senior team due to the financial demands of the American soccer league .The Club continued as an amateur club, which still exists, in the San Diego County .[1]


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs Open Cup
1986 N/A WSA 5th No playoffs Did not enter
1987 N/A WSA 1st Champion Did not enter
1988 N/A WSA 2nd Semifinal Did not enter
1989 N/A WSL 1st, South Champion Did not enter
1990 N/A APSL 4th, WSL South Did not qualify Did not enter


Brian McManus assistant coach 1986-1990

Notable players


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