Samuel Waermö

Samuel Waermö (born 1968) is a successful international Swedish songwriter and music producer with a big number of accomplishments and hits and a number of chart-topping #1 hits (33 #1 at the charts) mostly in Europe and East Asia. Since 2008 he runs his own publishing company called SWEMUSIC ( webadress:

He is co-written songs with Michael Garvin, Randy Goodrum, Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson, Jörgen Elofsson and Pelle Nylen[1] Samuel Waermö was also involved in the production of 6 songs on the Bon Jovi hugely successful album Bounce.



Samuel was for awarded for best pop song in Taiwan for the song "My Heart Hold the Love" performed by Leehom Wang

In 1998, he won a Grammy in Japan for best pop song . He also got another Grammy in 2004 for the song "Quincy", with the artist BoA in Japan, with the single selling over 1.3 million copies.


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