Samson (1961 Italian film)

Samson (Italian: Sansone) is a 1961 Italian peplum film directed by Gianfranco Parolini.

Directed byGianfranco Parolini
Written byOscar D'Amico
Gianfranco Parolini
Giovanni Simonelli
StarringBrad Harris
Alan Steel
Music byCarlo Innocenzi
CinematographyFrancesco Izzarelli
Release date
  • 1961 (1961)

It is the film which introduced the character of Samson, cleared of his religious traits, into the sword-and-sandal cinema. Following the success of Samson, the character was later featured in a series of four films released between 1963 and 1965.[1] [2]


The treacherous court counselor Warkalla takes possession of the throne of Sulan and of the goods of Queen Mila, replacing her with the beautiful but insignificant Romilda. Samson joins Mila and the rebels to regain the kingdom of Sulan and to hunt Romilda and Warkalla.



Serge Gainsbourg's performance as the creepy villain Warkalla has been highlighted as the film's strongpoint.[3]


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