Samnaun Alps

The Samnaun Alps are a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps, named after the Swiss municipality of Samnaun. They are located at the border of the Austrian state of Tyrol and the Graubünden canton of Switzerland.

Samnaun Alps
Muttler (left) and Piz Tschütta (right)
Highest point
Elevation3,293 m (10,804 ft)
Coordinates46°54′1″N 10°22′42″E
CountriesAustria and Switzerland
StatesTyrol and Graubünden
Parent rangeCentral Eastern Alps
Borders onVerwall Alps, Silvretta, Sesvenna Range and Ötztal Alps


The range includes the following peaks:

PeakElevation (m/ft)
Piz Tschütta325810,689
Piz Mundin314610,322
Piz Rots309710,161
Hexenkopf3038 9,968
Piz Malmurainza3038 9,968
Bürkelkopf3033 9,951
Gemspleiskopf3017 9,899
Furgler3004 9,856
Rothbleiskopf2938 9,640
Flimspitz2929 9610
Grübelekopf2894 9495

For a list of passes, see Passes of the Silvretta and Rätikon Ranges.

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