Sambeek is a small town in the southern Netherlands. It is located in the municipality of Boxmeer, North Brabant. Sambeek has 1700 inhabitants. It was an independent municipality until 1942, when the municipality was divided between Oploo, Sint Anthonis en Ledeacker and Vierlingsbeek.[1]

Coordinates: 51°38′N 5°57′E
ProvinceNorth Brabant

The tower of Sambeek is, with its height of 50 meters, the centre of the village. The oldest part of the tower dates from 1486. This tower was a part of the local Roman Catholic church, which was blown up by the Germans in the Second World War. Their plan to blow up the tower failed, it was only slightly damaged.

The oldest lime tree in the Netherlands stands in the southern part of Sambeek. Its age is estimated at 500 to 1000 years.


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