Salza (Enns)

The Salza (also Mariazeller Salza) is an eastern tributary of the Enns. It originates on the Traisenberg in Lower Austria and flows South of Mariazell through the Styrian nature preserve of Wildalpener Salzatal. After 90 km, it meets the Enns near Großreifling.

River Salza near Palfau
Physical characteristics
  locationTraisenberg, Lower Austria
  elevation449 m (1,473 ft)
River Enns
47.6706°N 14.7275°E / 47.6706; 14.7275
Length90.3 km (56.1 mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionEnnsDanubeBlack Sea

Below the town of Weichselboden is the Prescenyklause, which was constructed with a weir (a small dam) for a saw mill in 1848. Today the water of the reservoir is used to power a small electric power plant. Downstream from the reservoir, the Salza is a favorite site for kayakers.

Many sources and tiny tributaries feed into the Salza and their water is used for the Viennese water supply.


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